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Oct 3, 2009 08:05 AM

Best BBQ in Fort Lauderdale area?

Tried Smoky Bones and enjoyed it - any others?. Nice atmosphere needed too.


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  1. Tom Jenkins on Federal Hwy near 17th St. Causeway is by far the best true BBQ place in Fort Lauderdale foodwise. Atmosphere not so much. Real BBQ places aren't really known for their atmosphere, nor should they IMO.

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    1. re: danb73

      Agree 100% with your opinion about atmosphere in BBQ joints, but are you forgetting about the Georgia Pig on 441 when talking about the best?

      1. re: danb73

        I agree...Tom Jenkins is the best. If they'd just carry sliced, lean brisket instead of the big, fatty chopped mess they currently would be perfect. They also are out of things half the time I go, particularly the sausage.

        1. re: TexaninSoFL

          Chopped brisket? Yuck! Does it have smoke rings or do they chop it so you can't see it.

          Honestly I've been to neither Georgia Pig or Tom Jenkins, but compared to the pictures I've seen of friends' BBQ briskets, I have a feeling no one does it right. :(

          LOL @ CFByrne... the best pizza is casa l'ita... oops nvm

          1. re: TexaninSoFL

            Chopping bbq brisket should be against the law. It's just......wrong! Fat, on the other hand, is a brisket necessity during the smoking process.

        2. Tally's Jamaican bbq stand is the best I have had in the Fort Lauderdale area. A different style than the more typical Southern styles. And definitely not the place to go for a nice atmosphere, however.

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          1. re: racer x

            Where is Tally's?
            I think Georgia Pig is good, but I don't think their food is on the level of Tom Jenkins when they are "on". Jenkins does have some consistency issues from time to time

          2. Jack's on Oakland Park Blvd also gets high marks. They are related somehow to Tom Jenkins owners.

            BBQ, naturally, has been discussed ad infinitum on this board (and just let us know when you want to find the best NY Pizza. Actually, never mind). :-)

            Go to "Search this board" above and try "Broward BBQ" or Lauderdale BBQ and you'll get more info than you ever wanted.

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            1. re: CFByrne

              I'll take Jack's meat with TJ's sides. Ate at TJ last week, early because I hadn't eaten all day. Ribs were good but a bit too much crust. Mac&Cheese and collards were excellent. If I had room I would have had another slice of sweet potatoe pie. Too bad it was a Tuesday not a Friday because I love their cobbler.

            2. Nice atmosphere and BBQ may be mutually exclusive.

              My vote goes to Georgia Pig -- as far as I'm concerned second place is a big drop down. But with BBQ, one "size" doesn't fit all.