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Oct 3, 2009 07:43 AM

Dream Dinners and/or Super Suppers

Has anyone tried either of these places? The idea is they cook up various entrees and you come in and dish up what you want. Then you take it all home and have it ready for quick dinners.

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  1. We tried a few dishes from Super Suppers last year in anticipation of our second child's birth, but determined that for the price, we could get higher-quality ingredients from Central Market or Whole Foods, especially considering we weren't getting anything particularly complicated/fancy (honey-dijon chicken with rice and green beans and the like).

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      well, sure... anyone can go buy the ingredients. I'm assuming the added value is that they do all the cooking?

      1. re: bloody hammer

        see, i took it to mean that she was comparing these places to the already-prepared selections from CM or WF. i've gotten Dinner for Two's a few times from Central Market. they're like $13 for an entree, a side or two, maybe some bread for two ppl. heat and eat, not something i do all the time, but a pretty good deal none-the-less.

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          No, I meant that for the money, I would rather make time in my schedule to actually procure the higher-quality ingredients and cook the meals myself. I'm constantly on the lookout for dinner services that are a good value but also feature good-quality ingredients. And with many of the SS/DD dishes, you still have to do the cooking (i.e., dishes featuring pasta and rice still require that you cook them; you just get a sad little packet of uncooked, pre-portioned rice or pasta).

          I *loathe* the premade food from Central Market. Whole Foods' pret-a-manger stuff is pretty decent, though. (Everything from the hot bar tastes the same to me, though, from samosas to King Ranch Chicken.)

          I have been toying with the idea of Dishalicious, which is like Soup Peddler except with almost all locally sourced ingredients. I have a hard time accepting the $22 price tag for an entree that "serves two generously," though. Ouch.

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            bookgrrl... my apologies. i misunderstood what you were saying. i'm liking the sound of SS/DD less and less. soup peddlers on the other hand.... i think i will give them a try. according to the website they will even deliver it to my workplace!

    2. studio kitchen in round rock does something similar. But you can either pick up already packaged, assemble yourself or have it delivered.

      1. I've tried Super Suppers both putting together the entrees myself and using the prepared items from the freezer. For daily quick dinners it's worked well altho some items can be kind of salty. During this flu season it's been nice to grab things from my freezer to transfer to a friend's house who is sick and fill their freezer with easy prep items.

        If you get on their mailing list they often have coupon deals to help with the price.

        Does the Soup Peddler deliver to your area? Price-wise they are about the same as SS and the food is very tasty and their is a wide variety.

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          My wife and I have tried a bunch of different dinner meal services, from the expensive and chef-prepared, to the moderate. We haven't tried Soup Peddler yet but of those we tried, Dream Dinners was our favorite when considering flavor and value. The recipes were good, meal sizers appropriate and good ingredients and flavor. None of our meal selections left us disappointed. Their weak link is that they don't have organic and/or locally sourced meals. That's kept us from becoming regular clients.

        2. I've tried Super Suppers a few times, but am always underwhelmed. The food that you (or they) assemble is low-cost and quality--think flash-frozen chicken breasts, onions, bell peppers, etc. The price is high for what you get--about $13 for a main dish that serves 3 people (or two hungry ones). Most are loaded with fat and sodium; vegetables are not prominently featured and are generally tasteless.
          And then you take them home and have to bake them for an hour. Yes, an HOUR. And you'll need to prepare a side dish, too, as most of their meals are not one-dish meals (for me, a one dish meal contains at least one serving of meat + veggies + starch).

          Unless you are housebound, it's faster, cheaper, easier (and probably healthier, depending on what you get) to get prepared food from your nearest grocery store. And if that nearest grocery store is WF, it's definitely better and still might be cheaper.

          1. We've done Dream Dinners many times and I've liked everything we've tried. The one in Sunset Valley gives you the option of assembling the meals yourself (which is nice because you can adjust seasonings) or picking them up pre-assembled. The quality of food is good & they have a lot of vegetable sides you can add if the entree is mainly meat. There are a few you have to bake an hour but it comes assembled in the pan so all you have to do is throw it in the oven so that doesn't bother me. The Sunset Valley store is having their 2-year anniversary Sunday the 18th with Sara Hickman playing and food demos. All the $ goes to Caritas!

            As for the Soup Peddler, we used to order from them a bit. I think most of their food is reasonable too. I'd definitely read the reviews before you order something because I've LOVED some things and really hated others.

            Give them both a try!