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Oct 3, 2009 06:50 AM

The best selection in stores of microbrewery beers

Where is the best selection and prices?

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  1. Where are you located? (Tri-state covers a large territory)

    In Mid Hudson Valley - Half Time in Poughkeepsie has by far best selection, their prices are OK.
    In Albany, Oliver's on Colvin Ave has very good selection and somewhat better prices.

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    1. re: LJNew

      I am located in Southern Westchester County. I have discovered that Stop and Shop carries some, but not every store carries the same brands, as well as Whole Foods.

    2. Half Time is excellent! They not only have a great selection of microbrewery beers in bottles, but they also have about 10 beers on tap at any given time, from microbreweries mainly in the U.S. and sometimes also one or two overseas breweries.

      1. DeCicco's in Ardsley has an amazing array of beer!

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            I second DeCicco's. The beer staff is very knowledgeable. I spent about a half hour talking about beer. And they fill growlers.

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              I live in Pelham and have the Pelham & Chester Heights DeCicco's equidistant from my house. Which one are you referring to? I'm pretty sure neither of the ones I named fill growlers. Nonetheless, the Pelham store has a GREAT selection.

              1. re: rieslinglover

                Ardsley!!! Who'd've thunk it-- but it's really amazing!

            2. Don't overlook Port Chester Beer Distro. on Main St. up the road from the Tarry Lodge. Pretty amazing selection for a hole in the wall. No growler fills though...yet.

              1. In Jersey City they just opened the State's largest liquor store. It is a BUY Rite located
                next to the Holland Tunnel. It has more beers than you can imagine.

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                1. re: FreeWally

                  I was in there on NYE and I was quite impressed with the beer selection. Spoke to the beer purchaser there for a good bit to see if he could get a certain beer in for me from the Lagunitas Brewery in CA. They had a couple of varieties but not the one I have been searching for.

                  1. re: roro1831

                    Thanks for all the new comments, I cant wait to explore DeCiccos!