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Oct 3, 2009 03:42 AM

Blue Marlin Fish House- North Miami Beach

I just watched an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and The Blue Marlin Fish House was featured. I am very curious what you south Florida Chowhounders think of this place. I did a search on the board, but nothing came up. Many thnaks.

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  1. Hi Sherry - I think this place is great! I usually stick with the smoked fish sampler. I believe it includes smoked salmon, mahi, and marlin. It is really good - the fish is moist and flavorful. I read somewhere that the place has switched owners since the show, but the smoked fish is still great. I have heard the lobster burger is pretty good too. Here is a link to a Chowhound post and another detailed report from Roadfood.

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    1. re: croissantkelly

      Thanks so much! I will be sure to try it when I am in South Florida this winter.

      1. re: sherry f

        I agree on the smoked fish sampler. It is a bit pricey, I think like $17 or something, but worth trying. I really enjoyed the salmon and the marlin. The Mahi was just ok.
        It is definately an interesting place to check out.

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        1. re: danb73

          Too much cream cheese in the smoked fish dip. Kinda takes away from the fish.

          1. re: Alfred G

            at the cost of pacific blue marlin it is no wonder they put a lot of cream cheese in it. to me kingfish tastes as good as marlin and is better for our oceans.. they are not limitless