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Oct 3, 2009 12:13 AM

Prague, never before

We will be staying at the Art Hotel near the Stromovka park and the stadium/Sparta tram stop. Are there restaurants near there that are recommended? We are looking forward to enjoying the food and beer of Prague. I understand the roads near that area are under construction. Will that be a problem getting around by public transport? Thank you!!

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  1. you should be OK if you use the tram. do not use taxi during the day (the traffic is dense until 8pm), because the construction makes the roads virtually unpassable during the day. You should be fine after 9pm or so, even in a taxi. Trams have separate tracks from cars, so they are slow but they will get you there.
    I do not know of any good restaurants in that area, you should probably check out this page:, you are looking for restaurants in Prague 7 or Prague 6 (the border is somewhere near your hotel).
    Otherwise you can try the restaurants in the center, check out the older posts: older posts:
    and for asian food