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Oct 2, 2009 11:34 PM

Recommendation for dinner ~$20 (around Markham/Richmond Hill)

It's going to be for a birthday dinner. There's no preference for type of cuisine, just list a few good recommendations in the area. I would say the budget limit per person is $30 after tax/tip since we're all poor students.


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  1. Ok, here are some:

    - Dante's at Dufferin & Hwy 7
    - Sofra Grill right next to Dante's
    - Rhapsody (Hungarian food) at Yonge & Major Mac
    - Santorini at Bayview and John - this one will probably exceed your budget by a bit, but well worth it
    - Tomo Japanese at Yonge & 16th (you can get a private room there)