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Oct 2, 2009 09:48 PM

Little Rock Fine and Low Dining?

Any suggestions? Will be in Little Rock for a birthday with spouse. Looking for special occassion restaurants, and also good country, un-fine dining too. Any suggestions?

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  1. This subject of where to take someone special in downtown LR came up recently on TA.:

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    1. re: OurGreatEscape

      Thanks, the recommendations could be more detailed. The suggestions were Bosocs, Ciao, and Ashley's. I live in Nashville, and we have a Boscos. Nothing wrong with the place, but not exactly special occassion. We are looking for somewhere special, good, and/or unusual. Sounds like Ashley's could work, but how good is it? Good hotel food -- or good food?

      We are willing to spend over $50, and the TA recommendations were all for under $50. We're willing to spend $200.

      1. re: SometimesSouthern

        I would definitely recommend Ashley's at the Capital Hotel. It is in a hotel, but not "good hotel", but great food. The chef was a James Beard semifinalist and worked as chef'd cuisine at August in New Orleans under John Besh. The food is by far the best in town. The food is a mix of french and southern. The menu is primarily ay great 3 course meal for $49 (you can also do a 3 glass wine pair for $20 in addition to a great wine list). Website is I personally really like the smoked trout w/ potato salad, different foie gras dishes and the duck (the menu changes but the trout is always on it).
        You might also look at Ferneaus (new american) in midtown, Maddies Place (new orleans ish) or Capeo (upscale italian) for other upscale/creative dining.
        If you are wanting a little cheaper eats Whole Hog Barbeque (2 sites in LR but the original on Cantrell seems to be best to me) also Flying Fish has good catfish.

        1. re: tdterry

          Thank you! These suggestions sound great. Will definitely check out Ashley's, and will scope out the others suggested (we're there 3 nights).

          1. re: SometimesSouthern

            It's been several years since I've been to LR so I don't know anything about the newer places, but I really loved Brave New Restaurant. Odd location in an office park, but the restaurant itself is right on the river with nice views. The food was fab each time I went. If you don't choose it for dinner (it's not frightfully expensive), they also do lunch.

            For "low" ... Purple Cow is fun.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions. We had an absolutely amazing meal at Ashley's, the restaurant at the Capital Hotel. I was surprised that the amuse bouchee involved molecular gastronomy (in Little Rock!). We had sorghum roasted duck w/ bacon, pears, and kale; and prime rib with gnocchi, broccoli, and onions. The pairings of the food were great. The service was also spectacular, and they wished me 'happy birthday' printed at the top of our menu (my wife told them it was my birthday when making the reservation).

      We also had lunch at 44, the Clinton prez. library lunch, and I would highly recommend that. The food was very good, and the view was nice too (full glass windows; can see the river). We enjoyed Brave New Restaurant for dinner another night. Not in the same league as Ashley's, but good. The BNR restaurant had a long menu with a lot going on, and I think some of the food was really creative; while other food nothing special. Really hard to find in an office park, as we were warned.

      Thanks for all your tips!