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Oct 2, 2009 09:21 PM

Chowhound Toronto Group Visits Beef and Lamb House

Nine of us from the Chowhound Toronto group met at the Halal Beef and Lamb House, 3591 Sheppard Av. at Birchmount, on October 2.

We ordered nine dishes, plus two desserts, and enjoyed northwest China cuisine for two hours in a private room. Everyone liked everything (well almost). The tab, with tax and tip was less than $200.

Four photos below, and more on the Google Group site

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  1. Looks great - are those some kind of buns or rolls on the plates in the middle?

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      Yes, they were pan-fried lamb buns, and they were one of the hits of the table. Very heavy, but delicious.

      I think my personal favorites were the hand-pulled noodles with lamb, the boiled spicy lamb (fun with sichuan peppercorns!), and the cumin lamb (which I've had before, but anything with that much cumin is pretty much impossible for me not to like).