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Oct 2, 2009 08:09 PM

Gardens on Glendon-closed to general public-private parties only-

Called to make a lunch reservation yesterday. Message on machine is that they are now only open for private holiday parties. So sad...I was somewhat surprised although business had seemed to be down as of late.

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  1. lucky break for the general public.

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    1. re: dtud

      but still sad. It had been there for so many years, they did do a good rotisserie chicken and petitte filet sandwich and it was pretty. So many people are probably out of work so suddenly...

      1. re: handlertaper

        Loved the guacamole made at table side.

        1. re: handlertaper

          well, this can be said for any restaurant or business that closes. in fact, the gardens took over an independently-owned coffee shop/cafe (and a few clothing stores) when it opened. so, too bad for those employees too. i was definitely sad to see hamburger hamlet take over a small business.

          the fact is that the food at the gardens was awful, it was extremely overpriced, i never cared for the service and i think it will be better as something else. i wish the original coffee shop that had been there would reopen, but i know that's a dream.

          hopefully a better business will do well in the space.

      2. Hamburger Hamlet in a party dress - WAAAAAY over-priced.
        Let em eat Kate Mantalini, with similar results.