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Oct 2, 2009 06:36 PM

Best Apple Pie in Oak Glen?

I'm heading to Phoenix next week and realized there's apple orchards pretty much along the way. Does anyone know of which place has the best apple pie? I'm looking for a BIG one with lots of apples and tastes like home!

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  1. The bakery at Parrish Pioneer -- it is the westernmost orchard. From the 10 get off at Yucaipa Blvd. and hang a left, then left on Oak Glen Blvd. (at the El Pollo Loco). After the "Welcome to Oak Glen" sign the road will curve to the left, but if you go straight onto Potato Canyon Road, which is much, much straighter and flatter, it'll meet back up with Oak Glen Blvd. right at the entrance to Parrish Pioneer.

    They also have the only jugs of unpasteurised cider I've ever seen in CA (bring a cooler) and the best damn apple butter -- unsweetened is actually better -- I've ever had in my lifetime.

    Stop at Snowline (at the top of the hill) and get a sack of Honeycrisp apples, too.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Thanks so much! I wanted to stay away from the generic super touristy places if possible--so I figured an insider tip would be best. I will definitely check it out and unpasteurised cider? I'll be bringing a BIG cooler for that one.

      1. re: kushnerom

        Well, there aren't really hidden places -- it's all pretty touristy -- but it beats waiting on line for the place in Oak Glen Village and then being swarmed by bees as you leave.

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        I'm shocked that an OC denizen knows about Potato Canyon Rd. Another advantage of this shortcut is that it offers your last chance to get away from that tourist in a rented Winnebago who's been driving five feet behind you all the way from the 10.

        Oak Glen is a great place that I also highly recommend -- especially, as Ubergeek says, Parrish Ranch, which has a nice country store plus a quick-access, if somewhat creaky, outdoor bathroom facility. BTW, anyone who picks up this thread in a few months should know that winter in Oak Glen can be wintry indeed, and the occasionally snowy and slippery hills are a bit steep for drivers not used to that kind of weather. In other words, check conditions in advance.

      3. Law's Coffee Shop has the best Apple pie, however many other places up there make pies with more apples but they don't compare to the apple or dutch apple pies at Law's.

        1. MMMM apple pie!
          We have been going to Oak Glen for almost 15 procure the very important Thanksgiving pie apples. It is a ZOO on weekends, if that's when you are going , get there early to avoid crowds a bit. I like weekdays when we can...
          the bakery by Parrish, actually part of the small restaurant, pie is good, but last time we had it there it was a really small slice when we opened up the box....
          Laws, Good straight ahead apple pie, they serve it with hot cinnamon sauce, and I love sitting at the counter and getting coffee in a diner mug with the pie.(On weekends they have an all you can eat breakfast, eggs, bisquits gravy etc )
          Snowline...our favorite cider, I think it is also unpasteurized, if that is an issue for you...Snowline also does little cider donuts. Heavenly
          Rio Rancho...really this is the best crumble top pie, huge servings...
          Wood Acres is where we got the best apples last year , no pie , NOT touristy, ,
          The apple crops are different every I can't say where to get the best, we have probably bought from every orchard and then the next year they don't have the same... so make sure you sample

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          1. re: ciaolette

            Snowline's cider is, sadly, "gently" pasteurised. The doughnuts are quite good but frankly they're not good enough to stand on line for (the weekend lines are absolutely hellacious). However -- there is another place to get freshly-fried doughnuts, in the children's park above Oak Glen Village near the bounce houses. Just as good, or near enough as makes no difference except the line.

            1. re: ciaolette

              I so luv their cinnamon sauce, great breakfasts, and Friday nite flat-iron seak dinners. We enjoy their pies every X-mas, Thanksgiving or just whenever I want apple pie during the season. I live 15 min away.
              Yes, that is so true, the apples are different every year. I usually buy some from Snowline and Los Rios Rancho plus the kids enjoy picking them. I will look for Wood Acres, thanks ciaolette.
              I like the raw cider from the store across the street and down from Law's 1/4 mile or so-I think its called Mama Law's or at least they are afiliated with Law's. I used to swear by Los Rios raw cider but it had a funny after taste the last two times.
              Ubergeek makes a good point-bring an ice chest for the raw cider unless you live close-by.

              1. re: ciaolette

                Thanks, I'll be passing through tomorrow, so I shouldn't have too many lines to deal with. I'll have to make a huge pie comparison between Laws and Parrish. My brother recently bought us a HUGE apple pie from orchards in N. California so I'm looking for one like that to bring to relatives in Arizona, where there are no apples :( Hopefully I can find a pie that fits the bill.


                1. re: kushnerom

                  I prefer Law's because it does'nt have too many apples, kind of a balance of crust and filling, and its slight tartness can be offset by the warm cinnamon sauce.

                  If you want a HUGE pie Los Rios may be what you want.
                  Happy Hunting!!

                  1. re: Sarsa

                    Yeah, I'm looking for one that's crazy full of apples and not too sweet. I heard Los Rios has a three pounder... The pie my brother bought was so yummy because they added very little if any sugar so you could really appreciate the apples. Hopefully I can find one that's not overly sweet in Oak Glen.


                    1. re: kushnerom

                      I still think you're best off at Parrish, where the dome rises 4-5" above the plate, then. I can't picture Laws though I'm sure I've had it -- that's not the place in the village is it?

                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                        Los Rios pies are five-pounders, and they offer a sugar-free version (you may need to call ahead on that one). They also make tasty "hand pies" (sort of a big turnover made with regular crust) - perfect for eating on the road!

                2. re: ciaolette

                  Not "Rio Rancho" I mean "Los Rios" duh...

                3. Pretty good suggestions all. I've been going to Los Rios annually for 50 years since I was a small child and I think it has the others beat. The pies are delicious and they sell uncooked ones so you can cook them at home. Excellent suggestion on the ice chest for the cider. Arkansas Black season is very short so be sure to get some if you like hard, tart wonderful apples.

                  1. I was driving through the general area this week, so I swung by Oak Glen to pick up some apples and cider and a couple of pie-type conversation pieces.

                    At Parrish, I bought a jug of delicious unsweetened, unpasteurized cider. It has an immensely pleasing apple flavor (but isn't labeled with the variety). I also got their fried apple burrito, since I was thinking of another recent discussion about the difficulty of finding fried pies in LA. This isn't a Southern fried pie, but it's very good, nevertheless, and it comes alive after about 20 seconds in the microwave, especially if you serve it with a couple of pieces of the excellent Southern-style, dry-cured bacon I had on hand. Aside to JeetJet: These are much plumper than the fried fruit burritos you recommended some months ago (from Uncle Joe's in San Gabriel).

                    Incidentally, the tall young woman waiting on customers at Parrish was particularly alert and businesslike -- she represents her employer well.

                    At Los Rios I picked up a bag of crisp and juicy Fujis that bite back, smelling like an apple orchard in the morning dew. They hit the spot in my Irish oatmeal today.

                    I was quite interested in the Los Rios "hand pie," which looks like a cross between an apple calzone and a fried pie, but it's baked. "Fry?" the girl said. "You mean fry a pie??" However, I don't think even deep-lard frying would have improved this candidate (the pie, I mean). The crust was of the crumbly, not the flaky, persuasion. It was decidedly non-tasty, and you need a microscope to find the filling. I should have tried one of the large regular pies. I can believe they put five pounds of apples into that huge dome, and the dough couldn't be the crumbly stuff from the hand pie -- it wouldn't have the strength to hold all those apple slices together.

                    At both Parrish Ranch and Los Rios I also bought several jars of jellies and jams but haven't tried them yet. In the past they've been very good, especially the peach jam, which I'll miss this time. On the way out of Oak Glen, the jar broke in my recently detailed car when I had to slam on the brakes to avoid some genius turning left in front of me.