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Balsamico? Anyone been?

This location seems like one of those cursed ones. The only thing I can find seems to indicate menu is predictable.

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  1. I was there for lunch a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I had a fish soup that the chef had just made (a very tasty broth with fish, clams and mussels) and the faggioli salad with tuna, also good. The owners are very friendly and welcoming which adds to the warm atmosphere. At the next table I noticed two women sharing a pizza that looked really good. I hope they do well - it is a cursed location!!

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      Thanks for the review! Maybe I will try it out.

    2. From what I've read, the owner used to head the kitchen at Sette Mezzo on Eglinton. The food there has always been quite good.

      Sette Mezzo
      936 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C2C2, CA

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        He wasn't the head of the kitchen at Sette Mezzo but only a part time cook there. Nice guy though. Wish him luck.

      2. I've since tried this place. A nice salad, decent seafood with the pasta and decent sauces and a dinner companion enjoyed the red snapper fish but the texture of the pasta really put me off. Kind of wiggly noodles. Not something I wanted to eat too much of.

        1. Balsamico is pretty good. Went there on a Saturday night in December for a casual dinner and the food was good. It is basic but tasty, the wine is reasonably priced and the atmosphere is casual. I would go back.

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            I would recommend reservations at Balsamico. Quaint little place, with only so many tables. Family run, and seem to be learning and tweaking things as they progress. Menu is similar if not exactly the Sette Mezzo menu. The Salmon Bruschetta Salad on pizza dough is my favorite. After that the grilled fish selection w/ side of veggies or pasta is good. Chef is accommodating and always friendly. I agree servers are not on top of you, so it you want that sort of service, this might not be the place for you. We would go back.

            Sette Mezzo
            936 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C2C2, CA

          2. The menu can be predictable but what can I say, its great food. The pasta is nice, wine well priced and a great pizza. The place has a nice rustic feel, very warm atmosphere. The staff there are absolutely wonderful, and able to strike the balance of attentive, but not invasive. Great food, great service, planning on going back later next week! Those lamb chops looked amazing.

            1. Tried it on a Friday night. Went in late afternoon to make a reservation for the evening. We were a table of four professional females. Food wasn't bad, some meals were better than others. We had terrible service! Our server was an older blonde lady who was initially friendly but continually got worse as the evening went on. We arrived at 6:40 and didn't leave until 9:30. We seemed to be ignored for the most part... it took a long time to get our food but when we did get it we were satisfied for the time being. Except that afterwards we waited for the dessert menu that never came. Waited and waited to get any type of service while most tables around us were served and left. Finally went to the bar to get our bill which after another 15 minute was basically thrown at us. What a disappointing experience. Especially since 3 of us work in the hospitality industry, we expected better. We won't be returning.

              1. Balsamico is within walking distance of our place and we have been a few times. I would recommend making reservations as it is not a very big place (but it is not crowded either). It is run by a family from the former Yugoslavia but they spent a lot of time in Italy and it shows, not only in how they are fluent in Italian but they carry much of the Italian culture with them. They know their menu very well and are very helpful in selecting something you will like. Service is very attentive and never overbearing. We have tried almost everything on the menu and we have not made a bad choice. Their pasta is perfectly al dente time after time, their pizzas are delicious and they have a very good wine selection. For dessert, I have to recommend their tiramisu. As a true-blooded Italian I have tasted many tiramisu and this one ranks among the best. If you happen to be there on a night where the risotto of the day is seafood risotto, get it. All of this good food, wine and dessert for a very reasonable price. It is great for a couple's night out or for groups of 4-6 - just make sure to make a reservation.

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                  Sounds like much better pasta than when we went there. It was just weird from my one experience.

                2. I'm not a regular Chow user I was actually looking for the Balsamico phone # to make reservations and found the site.

                  This is going to be my 2nd time going to the restaurant. I have to say that the first visit to Balsamico was remarkable. I can't remember the name of the Pizza I've had but it was just incredible. By far the best pizza I've ever tried.

                  I think the only bad experience about that whole trip was the parking ticket that was waiting for me.

                  2029 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z9, CA