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Oct 2, 2009 05:13 PM

Looking for a steak sandwich - philly cheese, Italian beef - whatever

I know this topic has been discussed here before but a search did not reveal any good options.

I'm having a craving for a steak sandwich. I don't care what kind, or what state it originated in.

The only thing I care about is that the meat is tender and thinly sliced - I hate sandwiches with thick pieces of steak because there is always gristle is, most of the time, overcooked.

Any ideas???

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  1. Not an expert, but I always love the steak sandwich at Great Steak & Potato Company...I've been to the one in College Park foodcourt, and I think there is one at the foodcourt in the Atrium at the bay...

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      I have to agree with the steak sammies at the Great Steak and Potato Co. I haven't had one in a very long time but I remember being pleasantly suprised from this food court wonder. Juicy and good cheese and fresh bread.

    2. I have a suggestion! I have bought empanadas at Mama Mia Empanadas at 28 Slatterly, North East corner on Islington, maybe a little closer to Steeles than Finch. I have been wanting to try their sandwiches for weeks, but still have not. They have several choices available. In any case if in the area, you can get a twofor by checking their sandwich offerings to dine in and take home some empanadas, in both cases lots of choices!

      1. California Sandwiches on Claremont, north of Dundas. Italian steak sandwich, hot or sweet.

        1. My experience of a steak sandwich in Toronto is that it's always a whole piece of steak, not sliced steak (the exception being a Philly style, which is not always steak). I agree with you about getting hunks of gristle in a whole steak sandwich being very off-putting. For that reason I'd recommend the steak sandwich at ViVetha (Queen E and Nursewood in The Beach). They serve it on ciabatta that is perfectly crisp and strong on the outside to hold up to the meat and juices, but nicely chewy on the inside. The piece of steak is trimmed perfectly and cooked exactly as ordered. It comes with nicely sauteed onions, a small portion of very good fries, a nice light salad and fresh fruit that's not an afterthought -- all for $9.99. The service at ViVetha is also excellent.

          ViVetha's sister restaurant, ViPei (Kingston Rd west of Midland), serves the same menu, though my steak sandwich wasn't quite as well executed the time I had it there (onions weren't drained properly and soaked through the bread).

          Three places I've had Philly style steak/beef sandwiches with sliced meat, sauteed onions & peppers and cheese, that I thought were really good (though two are chains...forgive me) are Moxie's, Boston Pizza (surprised how much I enjoyed theirs) and The Orchid Garden restaurant in Agincourt Mall. Theirs is a bit pricey for the type of restaurant, but made with their signature prime rib, I believe, and so smothered in cheese it has to be eaten with a knife and fork (which, if you like them that way, is a plus). Regardless, the meat in Philly steak/beef sandwiches doesn't tend to come cooked to order, but I like my steak rare and still enjoy these so that says something.

          I imagine most restaurants that serve a whole steak sandwich would slice the meat for you on request.

          Try ViVetha -- I think you will really like it.

          1. Fresh and Wylde at the corner of King and Spadina has steak on a baguette, really nice medium rare steak sliced with a nice lemony mayo sauce. Highly recommend. Call in advance to make sure they are making it on that day. They have other locations too.

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                In case you are trying to google the other locations, it is "Fresh and WILD" not "Fresh and Wylde" :-)

                The italian beef sandwich at Chicago Pizza Kitchen in Maple was pretty satisfying for me.