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Oct 2, 2009 05:05 PM

Favorite dishes at T Cooks in Scottsdale for our 2nd visit

We are celebrating our anniversary on Saturday night. My SO picked T Cooks. We visited them back in 2006 for a Saturday lunch. Nice place but food was mediocre. I would greatly appreciate suggestions for entrees as I would hate to pay dearly for a mediocre dinner.

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  1. We had an absolutely wonderful dinner in Dec 2007. It was a special celebration and they went all out to make it a memorable dinner. Be sure to tell them you are celebrating and ask for a table along the windows facing the garden.

    I had an excellent lobster fennel bisque to start, hubby had mussels; hubby had paella for main course, I had osso bucco. I had a wonderful avocado mousse for dessert, hubby had something chocolate.

    I did just see that there Exec Pastry Chef, Pierino Jermonti, left this past spring. That is unfortunate as he was a such a talented chef and truly nice person - we took a cooking class from him and he was a delight. He is at Terranea in Ranchos Palos Verdes CA now.

    It was one of our all time top 10 meals.
    Go early, wander the hidden gardens and little firepits. Have a drink outside near the roaring fire.

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      Thanks for the great recommendations Deb!

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        IF you really want to go full guns, you can have the table set with rose petals and more, contact the Romance Director: [it looks like you have to be an overnight guest to use his services, but I don't think that is correct, call and ask


        There is also a special 3 course "Farm Fresh" tasting menu for October at $40 per person


    2. I was just looking at the Royal Palms homepage, and it seems like they're failing to provide a link to T. Cooks. The following link may help. Their site map and Google were both helpful in finding pages on their site for which the links were not obvious to me.

      I can't find what I last had on any of their sample menus. I guess few items are always on the menu, like the paella, but, the majority are subject to change from day to day.

      1. T. Cook's seems to get mixed reviews here, but I've never had a bad meal there. I think the paella and any seafood preparations always turn out good. From the special menu linked to above, it seems like T. Cook's has jumped on the pork belly bandwagon, too. I'd ask your server about specials and for his or her recommendations. As at any hotel/resort restaurant, there may be some items on the menu that are truly representative of the kitchen talent and others that are there just to fulfill hotel guest expectations.

        T. Cook's is in Phoenix, by the way. The Scottsdale border is almost two miles east of the Royal Palms.

        1. I had the opportunity to work the line at T.Cooks last week since I know a friend in the kitchen there - besides being an amazing opportunity, they also cooked some wonderful food me when I was done.

          If you like carbonara, I cannot recommend this dish highly enough - it was rich, fabulous and worth every last calorie (easily the best carbonara I've eaten). I also tried the scallop dish which is served with shrimp mac-n-cheese and herbed bread crumbs on top, along with sauteed spinach. Not a huge scallop fan, but they were cooked perfectly. The escargot app was my favorite of the night, served on a puff pastry cup w/house-cured pancetta - loved everything about this. Depending on the soup their making that day, they'll serve one with a grilled cheese w/Fossil Creek havarti - if you haven't tried that cheese, you're in for a real treat.

          Have a great dinner and do report back. Wish I could comment on more of the dishes on the menu but they do rotate preparations frequently. Enjoy.