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I think I may have been _______ in a former life based on how much I love the food!

After spending the first 40 years of my life in the upper midwest not even knowing what Cajun food was, I moved to Houston where I immediately was exposed to the Cajun influences from Louisiana. In fact, I'm really starting to believe that I may have been Cajun in a former life, because I absolutely LOVE every Cajun dish I have ever tried. Crawfish? Can't get enough of it! Frog legs? Yep, those too. Boudin? Love it! And the list goes on. I even tested a Cajun friend to come up with every Cajun food he could think of (as he was in the midst of making shrimp po' boys), and there wasn't a single one of them I don't crave. How about you? And pass the Tabasco while you're at it!

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  1. Mexican. I could eat Mexican food everyday (and sometimes do) and not get sick of it.

    1. My youngest daughter is the exact same. We live in TX, I'm a pretty darned good cook, we enjoy a variety of foods, but this kid of mine just wouldn't eat anything with relish until she was about seven. We're talking about a kid who lived on Ritz Peanut Butter crackers for almost two months when she was five- I am not kidding - we supplemented with the pediasure stuff because she was so bizarre about what she'd eat. And she used to absolutely love her baby foods, then table food - then at about 4 she just.. quit.

      I got onto a Creole/Cajun kick after a trip to NOLA, and we discovered that she would eat ANYTHING - I repeat, anything - Creole or Cajun influenced.

      Her palate has rounded out some in the last five years (still trends toward ordering chicken tenders or fried catfish in most restos, given the choice), but ask her what's for dinner, and she'd tell beg for dirty rice, gumbo or our made-up Cajun hash & eggs. (Andouille, onion and potatoes, diced & cooked with garlic, butter, s&p until crisp, served with over-medium eggs & french bread toast.)

      I, on the other hand, may've been Thai or Vietnamese.

        1. Jewish.
          i dream about pastrami.
          i love blintzes.
          i willingly eat gefilte fish, whereas DH, born & raised, will not.
          the only kind of pickle i like is the half-sour kind.
          there is no decent deli where i live, so it's even harder to reconstruct my past life.

            1. I must've starved to death in a previous life, because now I'm practically obsessed with food (have no ethnic/regional favorites--am into one for a while, then onto something new).

              Or maybe I was a baker--the thought of living without good bread is not a life I'd relish (pun intended). I can give up noodles, not a huge fan of rice, and while potatoes are delicious, bread is best!

              1. I'd have been a mixed breed of Indian, Moroccan and Persian.

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                    I suspect I may have been Chinese in a previos life or to be accurate in several of my previos lives given how much I like the food, and the fact that, the closer and closer I get to "real chinese" the more I like it. I say several becuse I like dishes from a lot of the regions. Love stir fried rice cake with shredded pork and snow cabbage, so must have lived in Shanghai. Must have lived in Xiamen, cause I love thier mai fun. Must have lived in Teochiu cuse I'm MAD about Tieguanyin. Must have lived up north cause I obsess about good scallion pancakes and I like noodles more than rice as my carbo. Must have been Cantonese, cause I love West Lake soup. Must have been Hunanese cause I like stir fried cured meats. I like Chinese Lamb dishes too so either I was Mongolian Chinese or Moslem Chinese at some point too. then again given the diversity of these dishes maybe is was just one high ranking Chinese person in the past maybe a court enuch with a really adventurous palate or a member of the imperial family (I do have that obsession with images of five clawed dragons........)

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                    Um.....do you feel a need to wash everything first or do you just like raiding your neighbor's vegetable garden in the middle of the night?

                    Just curious.

                  2. Although my genetic makeup is Danish, Irish, French and Serbian, my favorite flavor profiles are most often Asian. That said, the early parts of my life were spent in El Paso, TX and White Sands, NM so anything Mexican or Tex-Mex scores high on my taste-o-meter. I love the flavors of Mediterranean cooking... or German... or Polish... um.... Pasta is a huge favorite but I also love Middle Eastern flavors...


                    I think I'm going to have to channel William Faulkner... "If I were reincarnated, I'd want to come back a buzzard. ... He is never bothered or in danger, and he can eat anything."

                    1. Mexican.

                      And Japanese at another time.

                      1. A ferret, because I love sweet treats and am always absconding with them so I can eat them curled up in bed. At times I even have a stash going!

                        Seriously, I love Indian food so much, along with everything else from India, that I know I must have spent many lifetimes there long ago. Tasting a well-spiced curry or biting into a crispy samosa just transports me Home. I could happily eat Indian vegetarian food every day and never miss meat ever again.

                        1. Italian.

                          More and more, something from Italian cookery becomes my "comfort food" these days. Doesn't matter northern, Roman, southern or Sicilian...

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                            Even though I was born here in California and have only visited the East coast twice (late) in my life, I cannot get enough of Maine lobster. I would have it every day if I could. Whenever I get one, I very naturally tear into it like a New England native, and eat everything I can, including the inside of the body, tomalley, roe (if it's a girl, and yes, I know how to tell), and suck the meat out of the legs. The poor thing, there's nothing left.
                            I also love the thick, white clam chowder, and the crab - I KNOW I had to have lived in Maine!

                            I also must have been maybe a farmer in a former life, because I've wanted to milk a cow my whole life (I'm 52 now). At the L.A. County Fair a few days ago, they said I couldn't milk a cow, but they had goat milking across the way. I went there, only to be told they didn't let grownups do it, only children!! I was devastated, but stayed to watch the milking demonstration anyway. About halfway through the girl pointed to me and said, "How about you?" ME??? Wow!!! I jumped up, got in line, and got to milk my goat!!!!!!
                            I was so excited, I cried. But I didn't care. I so love fresh dairy and eggs, I HAD to have been on a farm!!

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                              Same here shaogo, but instead of being Italian in a former life, I married Italian. My MIL is full blooded Sicilian and makes the best darn meatballs, sauce and lasagne I've ever tasted.