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Oct 2, 2009 04:04 PM

ISO Good Cocktails near Lincoln Center

Meeting a friend for drinks after the opera tomorrow, looking for something in the southern part of the UWS (willing to go as far as 90th or so) or the northern part of Hell's Kitchen. Any suggestions for a place with a real cocktail maker for a bartender, and not just a place that serves a White Peach Cosmo? I've got to imagine there's some place on 9th...

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  1. If it's a classic cocktail you're after, the bartenders at P.J. Clarke's, right across from Lincoln Center, have done well by me in the past.

    1. Not sure if you're really after liquor, but I"d go to Bar Boulud on right in lincoln center area b'way at 64th for great wine, and charcuterie/cheese in an upscale setting...I'm sure they make a great stiff drink as well.

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        I went to the opera a few months ago and we went to Bar Boulud beforehand. Good martinis & wines by the glass. Got a couple appetizers as well. Very nice, though not exactly cheap. It's right across the street from the Met.

      2. It may not be a place for cocktails, but if you are looking for having a bite to eat at the bar at the same time you could go to Picholine. The bartender Eric makes the best cocktails!!

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          We went to Flute for drinks near Lincoln Center - good but pricey. Champagne Cocktail was very tasty, made with Remy VSOP, Grand Marnier, Bitters and a Sugar Cube. The Champagne Pisco Sour was nice too, made with an egg white which I always appreciate in a sour. Cocktails were about $13 each, though, which is too steep to make this anything other than a special occasion place. However, they had never heard of, nor could they make, a French 75!! Really?!?! Probably one of the most well-known sparkling cocktails and they had never heard of it. A little surprising for a place that is a sparkling wine bar.

          I miss my Seattle $9 drinks...

          205 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019