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Oct 2, 2009 03:34 PM

planning an "Oyster Crawl"

...and I need fellow CHer's help!

I will be in New Orleans in mid November, staying the the FQ with DH and another couple, and we have decided we need to do an oyster crawl and sample all the different variations on oysters available....of course Acme and Felix, and I recently heard about the BBQ oysters at RedFish, plus grilled, bienville, rockefeller, fried...

So where / what would you recommend? Anyplace that does something new/different/ remarkable with the oyster?

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  1. Include a stop at Casamento's, uptown on Magazine St., and Drago's in Metairie for grilled oysters

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    1. re: mimadeli

      If you want a laid-back "local" raw oyster place, go to Cooter Brown's, uptown at Carrollton and St. Charles [you can take the streetcar]. Grab a pint, sit outside and enjoy the sunset over the levee.

      1. re: midcity

        Pascal Manales has a great oyster bar I think its on Napoleon.

    2. if your aim is to stay within the quarter, here are some suggestions:

      - Acme or Felix's for raw P&J ersters
      - Red Fish Grill for BBQ (fried in crystal hot sauce & butter, dressed w/ blue cheese. wow!)
      - Bourbon House for three varieties of baked
      - Drago's for their famous charbroiled

      ...completing such a lineup is a feat of telling strength and virility!

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      1. re: kibbles

        I'd add oysters en brochette and a 6 pack of Rock at Galatoire's.
        for raw, also check out Desire Oyster Bar at the Sonesta
        in the CBD, belly up to the bar at Luke for raw and a local brew.

        1. re: edible complex

          oh yeah, Luke has those expensive japanese oysters, too...

          what is this "Rock" at Galatoires' of which you speak!?