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Oct 2, 2009 02:56 PM

Has my pasta dough gone bad?

I made it Wednesday night, now it's Friday night. The dough's noticeably darker, with some faint black spots throughout, almost like black pepper (although I included none while making it). It doesn't smell bad, it just smells like raw dough typically does. But the shade and the spots have me wondering: should I eat this? It's only been two days.

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  1. Two days is way too long for pasta dough. Overnight can work, but in general, I process the dough [roll, cut, fill] and freeze everything that won't be consumed immediately. As to whether or not to eat, I can't really help. I think your texture would be really mushy, and if you haven't rolled it yet, it would be tough going.

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      Agree. My first batch (virgins need so much help) I cut and cooked half---great--- and refrigerated the remainder (I was tired). It had turned a totally different and dark color. I didn't risk it. Into the trash. Boo hoo. Hey, smtucker :)

    2. is there egg in it? if not, it's safe to eat, but the flavor and texture will be slightly compromised. fresh pasta is meant to be exactly that: made, cooked, eaten.