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Oct 2, 2009 02:55 PM

Yvonne's Southern Cuisine has closed [Pelham]

I just found out today, when I was craving a take-out of their pigs' feet dinner. Their phone didn't ring properly, so I went to the website on the off-chance they were on vacation or something. This is all that's left of Yvonne's:

Pelham will be much poorer without it.

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  1. Update (already!) I took the opportunity to email to let them know I wished them well. Back came a reply that they're relocating to Mt. Vernon and will be open "SOON" around Thanksgiving. Good for them!

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      Maybe they will take over part of the space where the empty Athena is now. Wouldn't that be nice!

      Probably never gonna happen though

    2. I passed by the restaurant last week, and there's a sign that says they'll be reopening in mid-November with new owners. So all's not lost...and hopefully the fried chicken will still rock the house.

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      1. re: jsolomon07

        Do you know what's going into that space? Their first step should be taking down the old signage!

      2. I happened to find this online. If this is true, the place already opened on Sunday.

        1. They've been open for about a week now in Mount Vernon. Not named Yvonne's though, it is called the House of Soul. No signage up yet.

          1. Don't worry they are relocating to Mt Vernon in a great spot on the corner of Park and E. Prospect. They are setting up shop now, but will be open soon! It might be under a different name when they open, but the same great food, family, and staff.

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            1. re: jse997

              According to the link it's been open for a week. Is that not true?

              1. re: jcmods

                see my post above, they have been open for a couple of weeks now.