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Oct 2, 2009 02:37 PM

a nice place to eat, not too upscale, for thanksgiving dinner (canadian)

i've searched a couple of the thanksgiving dinner threads on this, but not too much details on the places that are referred in them.
my sister is coming over for thanksgiving weekend, and i was wondering if any of you knew a nice place to eat for thanksgiving dinner. we're both students, so we cant afford to spend too much (preferrably around the $50-$60 price range for two people). what can you recommend? are there any restaurants that have specific thanksgiving dinner deals? bistro style preferred. i live around mcgill, and the closer the better, but we are willing to go to restaurants that are reachable by metro. i'd love any suggestion, as this is my first thanksgiving in montreal!

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  1. You might like Mazurka's on Prince Arthur. They do eastern European food and they have cheap and hearty dinner specials and I think (though not sure) that they might do a turkey thing on Thanksgiving. Unlike other Prince Arthur spots, they don't BYOB. But they're so affordable, a little vino won't set you back much.

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      i'll check it out, thanks. oh and sorry, i meant the mcgill area closer to guy concordia, not the ghetto.

    2. A group of us had dinner in early April at Resident Restaurant located at 400 Notre Dame East and one of their specialties was called a mini Thanksgiving dinner. Not so mini as it consisted of a whole stuffed Cornish Hen served with herbed smashed potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding. Not only a huge serving, but delicious as well. Not quite turkey but still fowl. Check with them if it's still on the menu. Very accessible by Metro, and the space is the epitome of "cool".

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        And by the way, this dish was priced at $18.00, so well within your budget even including a couple of glasses of wine which they'll let you taste if you're unfamiliar with the particular wine.

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          wow, thanks for that tip! i checked out review and the menu and it looks like exactly what i was looking for!

      2. well, changing request slightly, doesnt specifically have to be turkey, just with a good value table d'hote for dinner.

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          I guess this place is closed? Just tried to dial their number and it's not assigned. The website doesn't exist either...

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            Resident was great but yes it closed a while ago and the restaurant Les 400 Coups is now in its place