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Oct 2, 2009 02:24 PM

Raaw Sushi - Liberty Village - Bad News!

I knew it when I saw how hidden the place is from view that they are probably not busy enough to have super fresh sushi.

Then we walked in only to see the sushi showcase glass is not crystal clear but is instead dirty looking because it was not wiped down properly leaving all kinds of streaks. I checked closer, with my fingers, to find the streaks/dirt was in fact on the inside.

Now you can call us stupid because we actually ordered take out. The salmon sashimi was actually quite good - thickly cut, fresh, smooth and just as you would expect. The spicy tuna on the other hand had a strong taste of fish so after we each had a piece of maki, we threw the rest away. It tasted so strong even the spice couldn't cover it up.

House-keeping alone, I will never go back. The not-fresh tuna just seals the deal.

Why would any restaurant open in that hidden lane anyway...

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  1. Yep....really stupid (hey, you said I could!). I had a similar sushi feast myself recently, at Happy Sushi on Danforth. There was no advance warning for me though, just the delightful tang of decomposing seafood on my palate. How do these places stay in business? Bad seafood is one of the most dangerous items one can possibly consume. The authorities should be conducting regular surprise inspections on sushi places above all others. Glad you lived to tell the tale, man.

    1. not surprised. a few weeks ago, one of the toronto papers (can't remember which) posted a brief review that said pretty much the same thing. from my recollection, the reviewer was so grossed out that he left after the appetizer, thus not being able to do a proper review!

      too bad that the two new additions to that area are such busts.

      1. The original comment has been removed