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Jan 8, 2005 10:54 PM

ISO: Deep-fried corn on the cob

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I recently returned from a business trip from Dallas, and had the most wonderful corn on the cob ... deep-fried!

Had it served up at a BBQ joint in Tioga (about an 1 hours drive from Dallas), called Clark's Outpost.

Not necessarily a tremendous conneisuer or fan of 'cue, and was not overwhelmend with the meat selections, but those deep fried corn on the cobs! Had the texture of perfectly grilled corn, but with an enticing caramel corn after-taste.

Ok ... anywhere in LA I can get deep-fried corn on the cob?


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  1. Well, I'm waiting for someone with some REAL information to answer your post, now, too. I've never heard of nor tried this, but a web search resulted in all kinds of recipes (some battered, some not) and a few interesting reviews of county fairs that had deep-fried corn on the cob (as well as deep-fried cheesecake). Could this mean we'll have to wait until September for the LA County Fair?

    1. my counsin called me and asked idf i remembered the deep fried corn on the cop at the la county fair last year. I gad to apologize to her because i didnt remember anythink such thing. Of course she and her mom my aunt said it was deliciioius. Now, we are looking forward to locating it again and pethaps at othert venues. If wer want to be adventurous i"m sure we can prepare it ourselves.

      1. The have deep fried corn on the cob at Roger's Rib Shack on Reseda Blvd. on Northridge.

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          Ooooo thanks for the rec. I'm relatively new to the Northridge/ Granada Hills area and will check this BBQ place out.

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            Roger's is a ho-hum BBQ joint, its primary achievement being meats that are tender and juicy, not dry and tough as at so many other places. Since my main problem with LA BBQ is dry, tough meat, you'd think I would be thrilled to find this place. But a recent visit got me ribs and pulled pork with boring flavors and dark-meat chicken that had apparently been stored too close to the mothballs (or something similar -- I couldn't take more than two bites of the juicy little bird). The baked beans weren't bad, and the cornbread was the kind I'd imagine ladies tea-lunches would prefer -- pleasant but very light and fine-textured, hardly tasting of corn. Speaking of which, the deep-fried corn-on-the-cob was a waste of corn, frying oil, and the biophysics of expectation. I've been getting good corn in farmers markets recently, but this concoction was tasteless dreck.

            Separating LA BBQ into two groups, I'd rank Roger's in the upper tier of the large lesser group for tender, juicy meat but significantly lower -- even in that company -- for taste. As I said, ho-hum.

        2. after the salted bacon grease, somehow I knew this was coming. ;)

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            Ah, but did you notice that this post is over (gulp!) 6.5 years old?

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                  This was before the board was taken over by Chow and when user names could still be separated by a [space]

                  In other words "ipse dixit" = "ipsedixit"

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                heh --- see? Your doppelganger posted that question just knowing that 6 years later you'd come up with the bacon grease idea!

                Talk about a person ahead of their time....


            1. Although its not advertised as such, the whole cobs at Dinah's Fried Chicken in Atwater/Glendale (unrelated to Dinah's in Westchester) definitely share a dip in the fryers with the bird.

              Dinah's Fried Chicken
              4106 San Fernando Rd Ste A, Glendale, CA 91204