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Oct 2, 2009 02:15 PM

Clapham Junction Cafes or Coffee Shops [London]

Any cafes or coffee shops that you'd recommend at clapham Junction? Just for meeting up with a colleague so seating is necessary. Looking for ideas other than Starbucks or Cafe Nero etc.

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  1. I'd walk away from the main drag and down to Northcote road. I like Crumbs cafe and Egg and soldiers (which is a bit expensive) there's couple more along this street, but can't remember the names.

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    1. re: Nii

      Boiled Egg and Soldiers has gone. It is now a cafe/restaurant called Tamra. Seems OK but I haven't tried their coffee. Crumbs - you probably mean Crumpet which is always packed with mummies and screaming infants - nnot good for meeting a colleague. Pastucci in St John's Road, a couple of minutes walk from Clapham Junction is pleasant and quiet. A few minutes further south in Northcote Road, Brew has excellent coffee and tempting cakes. The croissants look good too (I haven't succumbed). If it's a nice morning and you have the time, there is a Portuguese cafe on a corner a little further down the Northcote Road which has tables ouside in the sun and again very good coffee and custard tarts.

      1. re: Jenny Sheridan

        Tamra is the new cafe/bistro in the old Boiled Egg and Soldiers building. I have had breakfast there and it was really nice,and big. At least they don't charge extra for toast like the old Boiled Egg used to.
        The coffee was really nice. I was chatting to the owner, Melda. Tamra is her dog, who is sometimes in the cafe. Hence the name. It is more geared to adults than push chairs and allows well behaved dogs in.

        The question was about the coffee. I asked her about it. It is called The Square Mile Coffee Company. The chap who runs it won some national awards and is very fastidious about who can sell it and their quality control. It all sounds good and the latte was tasty but i have not had an expresso yet and that is the real test.

        I will let you know once i have tried it.

        1. re: milk76

          Thanks for the tips. I ended up going to Brew and the coffee was great. I think I'd like to go back for brunch and try out these other places now. :)