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Oct 2, 2009 02:13 PM

How to prepare and serve sweetbreads old-fashioned style?

I have purchased veal sweetbreads to serve on Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah. I want them to taste like they did 20 years ago, tender, simple tasty. Nothing too chique and stylish, please. How do I cook them? How do I serve them?

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  1. I spent almost 3 hours on the task of cooking those sweetbreads last night. I could have used some help. After soaking for hours, removing endless amounts of membrane (some of course still remained). Parboiling. Chilling in ice water. Stewing in a previously sauteed onion/garlic/wine/flour mixture. They were done. I hope. I had the computer on the whole time consulting with about 6 different websites I got off of Google. None of which provided me with deli-style old-fashioned sweetbreads. Was there a better way to do this? And does any restaurant in Manhattan do sweetbreads the old-fashioned way because I am not going through this ordeal again.

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      I'm sure I've seen sweetbreads served at weddings I've been to; maybe someone here has some in with a caterer that makes it, and can give you a lead on where to get it or an easier way to prepare it.

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        What's "the old-fashioned" way? Can you describe what you are lookin for or thinking of?

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          The key is to use veal, as I understand it.

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            That's what she (he?) said she used; it's in the original post.

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            Old-fashioned is kind of like chicken fricasee only better. It is served over rice and has a thickened sauce, but nothing pomegrante infused or something ridiculous like that. The websites had all kinds of cutesy touches that I didn't want. Plus, most pan-fry them which I believe is sinful. Thanks for the responses, at least. I hope to be able to order some somewhere soon.

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              You started the right way, for sure: main importance to cook them promptly, they sure don't store well. What you lack is the recipe for the sauce. I don't have one; but my MIL made them 'the old fashioned way' and they were indeed marvelous.

              Hope someone can provide.

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                Um, do you mind asking your MIL. I married into an American family so...

        2. my mom used to just fry them with onions and garlic-
          the fat of course was schmaltz

          1. Cappucino, how were the sweetbreads?

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              They were eaten completely, but I wasn't satisfied. They didn't have the flavorful quality I remember. The texture was perfect and it went well over the rice. Nobody raved over them so I know that I did something wrong. Oh well. I do wish I had a place in the NY area where I can order some.

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                Sadly, my MIL died decades ago, and I never was able to get the recipe for her sweetbreads or her white challah. Sigh.

                I think mushrooms are part of the mix, but again, it's been ages and I'm not sure. Wild mushrooms would definitely add much flavor.