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Best Crab Legs----Dallas

There's nothing quite like dipping a big plump juicy piece of crab meat into some melted butter.

I'm on a quest to find something that beats Red Lobster guys. I know you guys have some suggestions.

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  1. Truluck's. Addison and Dallas. Make sure they're in season. I think the season starts next month. They'll have "out of season" claws but, I'd wait for the "in season" ones. Hope your credit card has a high limit.

    1. Do it at home. I never shop Albertson's but they often have big snow crab for $4.99 a pound. They must have a good supplier because I've always gottenn good crab. Cover the table with paper, melt the butter and go to town,

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        If you are doing them at home go to Super H Mart and get snow for 2.99 or 3.99 (usually). Toss em on the grill for a good flavor. I have seen King Crab legs for 6.99, awesome deal, but not the usual price.

      2. +1 for Truluck's.

        Both Papadeaux's and Campisi's have crab finger appetizers that are addictive. You can get them half fried and half broiled in butter at Papadeaux's (which also has consistently good crab legs).

        While we're on the subject, does anyone know of a place in town that serves black pepper or chili crab? Maybe one of the Chinese places has some Singapore specialties.

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          Lion City Chinese Cafe in Plano has Chili Crabs.

        2. FLASH! Whole Foods currently has, FRESH, not previously frozen Alaskan King crab legs on sale for $16.99 a pound.
          And, they're huge! Can't stop eating them.

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            Hmm are you sure about the not previously frozen? Normally crabs are cooked on the boat and flash frozen.

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              Here's my two cents. I've watched more than a few Deadliest Catch episodes. The crabs are deliverd live to a processing plant in Alaska, and I heard one of the captains say that some will be on dinner plates across the US in 24 hours. I do believe it is king crab season now, and I assume the majority are cooked and flash frozen, but I see no reason to believe that fresh ones aren't available. I could be wrong. One thing about that show is the risks they take, especially during opelio (snow crabs), which are caught in the dead of winter, boats navigating ice fields, and frozen pots and ice all over the boat. I'm not wild about snow crabs, now king crabs and gulf blue crabs, a different story.

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                The general method and process of crabs is they are caught, held in dockside tanks (where if they die can release toxins and kill many other crabs around them or explode from extreme temperatures) and sold. After sold, the crabs are processed immediately on the docks. I cannot imagine the devastation of the product if shipped live. Fresh would be considered freshly processed and packed on ice, not flash frozen. This is easily obtained for the right price.

                This is about the freshest you can obtain a king crab and it is cooked and iced: http://www.jdockseafood.com/alaskan-k... Sounds like Whole Foods is selling fresh crabs, so that would be just as easy in my book. ;)

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                  Right, I made it sound like they were shipped live, which I know they're not. Processed and packed on ice, that is fresh, but I would eat them immediately.

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                    These (fresh) crabs are boiled live in Alaska and then shipped (refrigerated not, frozen) to the lower 48. They're "in season" now for only a short time. Try them and see the difference for yourself. You'll never go back to "previously frozen".

          2. Are you really serious? You're looking for something that beats Red Lobster??
            The crabs in my shorts beat anything at Red Lobster!
            Try anything! Canned, even!

            1. Red Lobster is for people that get tired of eating at Olive Garden.

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              1. re: twinwillow

                lol...this is true. And I usually preface ALL my posts on here by stating that I'm the slummer of the board-----I'm from a very poor East Tx family, so keep in mind that Red Lobster, even now, is like gold to me. Since we couldn't afford it growing up, to this day I don't take it for granted that I can afford to drop 60 bucks on a meal, especially when most people I know can't.

                That being said I am trying to class up a bit---I'm a huge fan of Naan and Cosmic Cafe and The Grape. So while I can't afford to just go to Stephan Pyles or anything, I can appreciate good food on a budget. And thanks to everyone for the restaurant tips on crab legs----I plan on making hubs take me to Trulucks soon to try them out. Any others?

                And I've tried three times to make them at home and I'm an utter fail. They come out too mushy or too overcooked. Never just right! Any tips?

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                  Since they are pre-cooked just toss a bundle of legs on the grill and warm up.

                  1. re: DallasDude

                    We sometimes add mesquite chips before grilling.

                    1. re: FishTales

                      The best we've had are at Daddy Jack's on lowest Greenville (the original, not the one in deep ellum)

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                        Is Daddy Jack's any good? I've driven by it a thousand times but never been in

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                          Definitely worth a stop next time. Lobster bisque is the best in the city. Ritz and crabmeat stuffed flounder is divine.

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                    The great thing about Albertson's crab legs is they steam the for your for free and are cooked perfectly. You can have them steamed with no seasoning, or with lemmon pepper or cajun seasoning. The lemon pepper seasoning is really good and I don't even have to eat a stick of melted better with those. I should note that I prefer snow crab legs to king crab, because of the texture, but Albertson's usually has really large nice, fat snow crab legs with big claws. Right now the one in Rowlett has some of the best yet, and they are on sell for $4.99, but they routinely sell them at $6.99/lb so it's not that expensive. 2lbs is easily enough per person (even without sides).

                    As for my fave restaurants to get crab legs, believe it or not Hooters are really good and they have specials on Sunday. I don't know how they do it, but the the crab meat is cooked perfectly and not mushy, but the shells are very soft and easy to open, so you end up eating a lot more since they are so easy to shell. Same things goes for Dick's last resort. I agree Trulucks is good, but not with the price considering the alternatives, in my opinion.

                    When albertson's has snow crab legs on sale and they are the really big nice ones, I will usually buy enough to last 2-3 days. I go ahead and have the steam them with the lemmon butter seasoning, and they keep well in fridge for up to 3 days. To warm them, I just wrap a couple in wet paper towels, and zap them in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

                    I would refuse to eat crab anywhere that would have the audacity to fry it, unless it was a high quality crab cake. I'm cheap, but I do have some principals. I refuse to go to any seafood restaurant where half the seafood is fried - what a waste! Happy crabbing!

                    PS: Of course the best crab I've had was fresh in Maine, but not an option unless you're rich with a private plane. As a matter of fact, I never even cared much for lobster until I had fresh lobster in Maine. Amazing. I also love crab cakes but hard to find good ones here. I like lots of good crab without all the breading. The best crab cakes I have found so far in Dallas are at Eatzies in uptown (on Oak Lawn near Lemmon) and Fish City Grill at Firewheel Mall in Garland. Very tasty. Eatzies has a lot of great gourmet take out and fresh bread, but can be a bit pricey. If you go there after 9pm or so (or when the red light in the parking lot starts flashing), they will sell you certain daily leftover meals at half price. Their kids size meals are actually enough for most adults. And although they're fresh lunces are a little pricey, they are enought to feed two people.

                  3. re: twinwillow

                    twinwillow wrote: "Red Lobster is for people that get tired of eating at Olive Garden."

                    I love that saying!! May I use it? A friend of mine was dating a new guy, and he really seemed wonderful and perfect for her.....that is, until he suggested Red Lobster for dinner. Fortunately he was open to her restaurant suggestions and she's "training him" LOL.

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                      Of course you can. However, I might have "stolen" it from someone else. I'm not sure that I'm that clever.

                  4. I would think Red Lobster is to seafood what Taco Bell is to Mexican food, but that's another issue. Anyway, I think you might be surprised at the crab legs at Hooters, at least the one's down here in San Antonio, they're surprising good...