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Oct 2, 2009 01:54 PM

Baby Shower Party Ideas---Dallas and surrounding

I'm having a baby shower in the next month or so, and want to have it at a restaurant (last time around I had it at Franki's Lil Europe, but the place is now gone!). I'm looking for a place for about 10-15 to eat heartily but cheaply. I was thinking maybe someplace like a Ghengi's Grill or something. Anyone got any ideas for a place that's reasonable yet sort of universal?

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  1. I've been to a baby shower at Chocolate Angel Too on Hebron Parkway in Carrollton, It's sort of a "ladies' lunch" place. The decor is pretty simple and functional. Nothing wrong with it, but In my opinion it could use a little fancying up. However, they serve some really nice sandwiches and salads and some very tasty iced tea and their prices are reasonable. Sandwiches are accompanied by several side dishes, including very tasty mini muffins, so I think that fulfills the "eat heartily" requirement. If you planned the shower for midafternoon, after the lunch rush, you would have plenty of space for your group. Good luck with your planning!

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      Rise in Inwood Village seems like it would be a fun place. Salads, souffles (savory and sweet) and other nice dishes. A bit more than say a Ghengis but infinitely better. Ghengis has gone way down hill since its inception. I would not consider it edible anymore.

      By the time your shower comes to date, Pyles new place will be open and it promises to be inexpensive. Small plates, no big bites. Would be fun I am sure.