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Oct 2, 2009 01:47 PM

Need some help and I am asking a lot...

My friends and I are coming down for a football weekend in Baton Rouge. We will be getting into New Orleans on Thursday afternoon, driving up to the game Saturday (and then back) and then flying out Sunday late morning. We have all been to New Orleans and we all appreciate good food but are not into fancy settings etc. We are looking for breakfast/brunch ideas and from a dinner perspective, late dinners (after 9). Also, if there is there a place that we must stop on the way to BR or in BR we are game (it will most likely be a night game). Ideally we would like to be able to wear jeans where ever we eat. Finally, we are used to gluttonous dining habits while in New Orleans and as a friend said, too much of everything is just enough.

Currently the only thing I have planned is Cochon for a Friday night dinner but based on a lot of posts, it seems I might be better off having lunch there? Speaking of posts, from a food perspective I am thinking that we would want to try the likes of Patois, Stellah!, August, Herbsaint and Elizabeth’s. However I need to narrow it down as well as make sure things are not too fancy. This is where I need your help.

Additionally, we will be hung-over Sunday morning and have an early flight; does that mean Cafe Du Monde will be our best bet?

Sorry for the rambling-here is our itinerary and most of it is open.

-breakfast/lunch-open-(should we do August lunch?)
breakfast/lunch-open but need to head to BR by 2 or 3
dinner-tailgate or place in BR?
Breakfast-have to leave by 8.30am, so need something quick and close (staying in the Qrt).

Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions.

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      1. re: NYCFORKER

        I cannot think of anyplace en route between BR and New Orleans that is convenient and merits a detour. Hymel's, which is south of the Sunshine Bridge by a couple of miles, was always a standard but the recent reports have not been encouraging and I had a turtle soup there last year that left me depressed. In Baton Rouge---and I'd get there earlier than you plan to---just about everywhere claims that it is LSU Party Central. Parrain's, on Perkins Road, will be jumping by noon, The Chimes is minting money from 9:00 AM forward (it is immediately outside the campus gates on Highland Road, north of campus). Chimes does etoufee(after a fashion) alligator, duck & sausage gumbo, fried seafood...that line of country. Four of you should be able to get tables without too much trouble IF you are there for about noon or one o'clock. Much later than that and you are screwed. (Chimes, btw, prides itself on its beer selection which is pretty big and not bad at all.) I always go to a tailgate about a fiten minute walk from the stadium, by the law is more relaxed over there as opposed to teh area around Tiger Stadium where people seem to vie to be put on Tee Vee as The World's Greatest Tailgaters.(This is an iteresting phenomenon that has sprung up in the last thirty years--not tailgates, of course, but these elaborate ones all across the country.) In my experience, foreigners are often welcomed to have a bite so long as they don't eat the follks out of house and home. And, for a town so schizo about food as BR has been, there is some remarkably good stuff out there. My friends do a couple of bang-up shows per year and this ranges from things like german potato salad (world famous, I need not add) and tenderloin of beef to jambalaya (an easy favorite and the quality will vary enormously from party-to-party). A fellow next to us is a helluva good cook and is always treating us to his goodies..he made a shrimp jambalaya last year that had every cheating trick in the book & it was great stuff. BUT, if you want to try that, and be part of the show on campus, be there early...leave NOLA no later than 11:00AM and have the traffic flow instructions figured out. Entering campus via Dalrymple Drive is your best bet. (As a matter of vital information, you should find out which campus building are open for restroom use..farther away from the stadium it is a LOT easier to find something. The other advantage to being by the law school is that you are at the end of fraternity row and this provides some good girl watching at the frat parties.)

        1. re: hazelhurst

          thanks for the heads up on Chimes, heard it was good. Was also recommended middendorfs for the drive up, we may make a detour. I have seen from other posts that you know your NOLA food. Question for you, right now we have a reservation at August and as much as i would like to go there, there is a part of me that wonders if we should try Brigstens? K-pauls? Clancy's? We are looking for decadant local flavors and were looking to do a tasting menu but I still have second thoughts. Also, we have been to Jacqimo's before and I was wondering if there is something similar that you would recommend as far as local style food but with a good atmosphere? Thanks

          1. re: NYCFORKER

            Middendorf's would probably be fine but it would be tough to fit that in on the way up---and I have not been there since the New Regime. In your situation I'd go for Frank B.over August just on account of time constraints but this is no knock on August...just that I think Frank is worth a special edge. K-Paul's? Have not been in ages. Again, no knock on that has been getting great reviews. I am an old fan of Clancy's and will probably be there this is generally thought of as the Uptown Galatoire's. I'm not a J-I's OK but I'm just not that impressed by it. As dfar as something similar "as far as local style food" I cannot think of anything right now but I am sure Hungry Celeste or some others can think of something.

            It occured to me that I did not notice which football game you were coming in for...that makes a big difference (of course) in how far in advance you need to leave NOLA. The upcoming Florida game will be a colossal sets sales records every year.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              instead of J-I, check out Boucherie, also in that neighborhood. there are many threads on Boucherie in the archives.

    1. Personally, I wouldn't wear jeans to dinner at Stella, August, Patois, or Herbsaint. All these places are pretty "fancy," especially Stella and August. I wouldn't wear jeans to August for lunch, either. Stella is only open for dinner. You would probably be ok in nice jeans and nice shirt at Herbsaint or Patois for lunch. Dinner at Cochon is fine.

      1. I can help you...but first I'll need you to provide me with 2 tickets to the game. LOL LOL

        We'll be out there tailgating...whipping up some jambalaya, boudin stuffed beignets and what not! Stop by!

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        1. re: nikinik

          that sounds like a good tailgate, where do we get some of that?
          I will ask around, cant promise anything but I will see if anyone has extra tickets.

        2. I really love Lola on Esplanade. Spanish food heavy on the garlic. It's incredible. VERY casual. BYOB.

          For breakfast/brunch...hit up EAT on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine. It's also BYOB. Get the shrimp and grits.

          1. EAT, 900 Dumaine for Saturday breakfast/brunch. Jeans will be great and it is BYOB.