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Oct 2, 2009 01:45 PM

fried onion burgers [El Reno, OK]

i'm taking a road trip, west to east, on I-40 later this month. stopping in el reno, ok. for
a fried onion burger & a coney is my reason for driving & not flying. my last fried onion burger in el reno was in 1967, while hitching east to west on the mother road. of the three best
purveyors in town, jonnie's, sid's & robert's i must choose one. but which? any chowhounders
out there to help?

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  1. I was through there the other day and ate at Johnnie's Grill (301 S. Rock Island Ave) and had a great onion well as...and this was worth the trip for me...chocolate cake! There is also Sid's down the street (300 S Choctaw Ave) which I understand is quite good too. Happy eating!