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Oct 2, 2009 12:04 PM

2 great dinners in Missoula...

This is my trip report for Missoula last weekend. Friday ate at Red Bird. Very stylish bar and dining area. Staff very friendly. Seated quickly and had quick attention. Started with the Tapas sampler. Nice variety of spanish tapas. Followed by s crisp Sopes Salad. Very fresh with a light vine dressing. Dinner was the five spice duck breast with a duck confit beignets. Excellent with a nice Pinot Noir. The next night we ate at the Pearl. Smaller less hip bar, more like a simple french bistro. Again very friendly staff with quick attention. Started with the chicken pate with port and Madiera. Wonderful with the baquette and a nice glass of a viognier. Moved on to Avocado Pear Pecan and blue cheese salad, fresh and light. Finished with Elk Osso Bucco Bourguigonne style. A bottle of Pepper Bridge Cab went well. Meat was fall off the bone as expected. Marrow went well with the sour dough bread. All in all a great weekend in Missoua.
Had drinks at the Union Cafe. Downtown had a vibe I had not expected, but really enjoyed. Cheers

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  1. Well, you hit the two high spots, though some would include Scotty's Table. I could use a duck confit beignet right now. Thanks for the report.

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      only had 2 nights this trip next time Scottys table is on our list. thanks