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Oct 2, 2009 11:51 AM

Breakfast places in or around Union Square area

I’ll be in a hotel (Westin St. Francis) in the Union Square area all next week. I love breakfast, but I don’t love the high prices hotels charge for breakfast. I’m interested in recommendations for places that serve early breakfasts in or around the Union Square area. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sears is a very popular place been around forever lots of tourist, locals go but sure to get pounded on these boards. Its a half a block away from the westin. Its inexpensive, full bar.Lefty O'douls across the street on geary. Dotties true blue cafe a few blocks away on Jones in very popular. There are several other places within a block of the westin.

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      Thanks a lot for this info. It is exactly what i'm looking for. Dottie's sounds great!

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        Dottie's is far and away the best choice, but be warned that it's small and hugely popular, and the lines can start as early as 8 AM on weekends.

        If it's a weekend, another great option is Dennis Leary's Canteen, on Sutter near Taylor. Lots of intriguing high-end brunch options at medium-end prices from a truly great chef who loves his small dives.