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Oct 2, 2009 11:38 AM

Banh Mi in Charlotte?

Any good places? Also, is there any place that has real Belgian frites and or good poutine in the area?

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    1. Le's Cafe makes a very good bahn mi, as does (or did, haven't been in a while) Overseas Food market on South Blvd.

      As for poutine, I don't know of anyplace that does it with the cheese curds. Sir Edmund Halley's makes a decent fries and gravy but no curds. I think that would be very hard to find here...

      1. We always go to Banh Mi Cafe on Central and get our moules frites at Lulu- also on Central. You can also get the frites on their own with whatever exciting selections of dipping sauces they have whipped up that day. Extra note: they turn the frites into something exciting for brunch- they chop them up and toss them with carmelized onions, peppers, and a vinegar-sauce. So good.

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          From the link bbqdawg posted, I really like the place in the New Century market off Tryon just north of Sugar Creek. You do have to actually go in the mall to find it but they're fantastic and cheap. Last time I was there I got 2 traditional banh mis for $7.

        2. friek if you had to go inside the mall then you probably went to Le's instead. Because New Century is it complete own store. But I could have sworn that the banh mi at Le's was cheaper, I guess their prices have gone up.