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Oct 2, 2009 11:27 AM

Need recommendations for cocktails

I’ll be in town next week, staying in Union Square area. I would love some recommendations for fun/interesting/trendy (insert any adjective you like) place for cocktails. Price is not really a concern. Rooftop/outdoor recs would be great. My only caveat would be that I’d rather find someplace not so far away from the conference center/Union Square area. But if there is a great place farther away, by all means tell me about it. Thanks in advance!

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    1. Cantina on Sutter is good,Rye on Geary, Bourbon and Branch "copied after a speak easy" on Jones,. These are popular more trendy, Clock in the Westin, Swig on Geary. Some of the big hotels have rooftop bars like the Mark Hopkins, Sir Francis Drake.

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        All these places look exactly like what I need. Thank you. I'm actually staying in at the Westin so I'm sure to check out Clock. Thanks also for the breakfast suggestions in another post of mine.

        1. I'm an out-of-towner,but I stayed at the Palace hotel and I really liked the bar there.It's the Pied Piper Bar.Dates back to the early 1900s.Well made drinks.SF is such a great cocktail city and I'm sure there are trendier places near you but I went here a couple of times during my stay and really enjoyed it.It's near Union Square.

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            Good hotel bars are great places for us out of towners. I'll check this place out as well...thanks.

          2. Gitane, Salt House, Slanted Door, RN74, Waterbar

            (in that order - Heaven's Dog is a Slanted Door sister, SD has better view, HD likely has better current cocktails simply because it's newer - and I'm not recommending RN74 or Waterbar out of personal experience, just from other's reviews, I think RN74 is better known for its wine program, Waterbar is more known for its view, Salt House would be preferred if you like oysters)

            Clock Bar in the Westin is rather good for martinis and easy to find

            Before going to Bourbon and Branch, you have to read the website and understand the protocol - the new B&B people place is Rickhouse, I think the reviews are positive, somewhat outside of requested location, doesn't have the weird reservation thing

            Right near Moscone (you didn't say exactly where your conference is), Thirsty Bear is underrated for cocktails - solid classics a few steps from the center - Moscone is halfway between Heaven's Dog and Salt House.

            Regarding the palace hotel - it's good to hear the cocktails are good even there!