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Sudden Inexplicable Craving for a Banana Split

It does seem odd, but I really want one.

I could go to Dairy Queen, but I'd like something a bit more upscale.

Not a big desserts guy, so I have no idea which ice cream shoppes in town offer this. Would prefer to sit in the space and eat, not try and transport it around somewhere else.

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    1. I like Caffe Demetre for decadent ice-cream things-and-stuff. They have several Toronto locations. Unfortunately, they also have a hugely annoying web site so I'm not bothering to link.

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      1. re: Rabbit

        Wouldn't matter if you had linked.

        "Why Can't I see the inside contents of your menu?

        Due to world-wide internet piracy, we have no other alternative but to limit the actual contents of our menu selections to protect our trademark and other proprietary marks. "

        Still, they are convenient to me, so maybe I will start there. I think I will do a once a weekend banana split tour and post results somewhere.

        1. re: Pincus

          found these on google image search

      2. http://www.dutchdreams.ca/product.asp...

        Dutch Dreams is totally delicious. I loved the ice cream there and the banana split was honestly one of the most awesome things I've had. Enjoy.

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            I've never seen an eating area at Dutch Dreams, do they have one?

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              Yup, beyond the counter there's a little seating area.

        1. i love banana splits and have yet to find a good one.

          so far the most satisfying has been sicilian sidewalk cafe.

          oddfellows and tom's dairy freeze we're totally disappointing.

          honeslty though, i think i'd prefer a dairy queen one to those.

          1. i'd try coldstone creamery. i noticed it on the menu, it would likely be very yummy.

            1. I haven't had it, but Green Earth Cuisine has a Thai Banana Rolls dessert that seems yummy. It's served with vegan ice cream. Okay, on the face or it, this might not sound appealing, but I saw the dessert on someone's table last week, and it looked good. Might be a more sophisticated version of the DQ.

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                Some may call me a 'plebe' but I have had a couple of amazing Banana Splits at a couple of Baskin Robins..........pralines & cream, peanut butter & chocolate as the base and easy on the whipped cream (yuck..canned stuff, tolerable in very small amounts only). I only do this once or twice a summer...and then I take my 'lipitor'!!!

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                  Baskin-Robbins serves some of the most obscenely caloric ice cream concoctions around...

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                    No Baskin Robbins makes incredible ice cream creations. They have perfected it. Their chocolate sauce is second to none! Also what makes even sweeter (hilarious pun) is that a couple times a year they give out coupons and the best deals are for the bigger concoctions- usually 2 for 1. I'm a fan. A Big fan.

                    Not sure if you wanted to ever make build one at home but PC's jarred chocolate sauce is actually delightful. (I think I like it because it tastes like Baskin Robbins).

                2. I have had many a BS at Dennys...basic but satisfies the cravings when they attack. BR is strictly okay...I prefer Licks-they make theirs a bit more wholesome...with trail mix and real fresh fruits. Good Luck!

                  1. Just noticed that Harbour 60 has a $16 banana split on their current dessert menu. Has anyone tried it?

                    Harbour Sixty
                    60 Harbour Street, Toronto, ON M5J 1B7, CA