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Oct 2, 2009 10:38 AM

Ice Bar?

Has anyone been to the Ice Bar in Orlando? It looks interesting....

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  1. I havent been to the one in Orlando but if its anything like -5 Degrees in Vegas, I probably wont bother. I went to the one in Vegas and it was pretty expensive. Yes, the gimmick was cool and they didnt water down the drinks but while it was decently fun for a one-time thing its not something Id waste money on again...unless Im way up at the tables ;)

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    1. re: Blind Mind

      "The gimmick was cool"

      "How cool was it?!"

      1. re: Icantread

        "How cool was it?!"

        LOL. About -5 degrees.....

        1. re: Icantread

          well, unlike the freezing room @ Red Square @ Mandalay Bay, they make you pay for the heavy coats and gloves and you buy drink tickets up front that you kinda get boned on price-wise. The bar, couches, tables, cups, etc are all made out of ice which was pretty cool and you sit there and freeze your tits off while you drink either straight vodka or mixed drinks. I liked the Red Square freezing room better because you buy a bottle for about $300, they give you jackets and hats for free and then you go in with a bunch of your friends and youre in there till the bottle is gone. In the -5 place, youre with a bunch of strangers and they dont like u taking pics from what I remember...

          1. re: Blind Mind

            This is all sounding much less interesting than I hoped.... I may just choose to freeze my a$$ off somewhere else.

            1. re: sedimental

              It's a shame Disney closed down Pleasure Island, it was the only really cool attraction for Adults at Disney, and it totally ruled Universal's Citywalk for nightlife bang for your buck, really a shame on the nightlife scene. May I recommend Howl at the Moon (though some folks prefer Jellyroll's), or the other two I mentioned earlier (BB King's, or Raglan Road) . Tabu or The Independent Bar if you are downtown are good.

      2. I went with a group this summer and we had a great time. It is a lot of fun--but do get the online coupon for $5 off admission. It is definutely worth checking out (bring your camera, you're going to need pictures.:-)