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Oct 2, 2009 10:28 AM

Apples in Baltimore area

This being the apex of apple season here in the Mid-Atlantic, I'd like to get an indication from fellow apple fans out there about where I can find reasonably priced apples. The prices at the farmers' markets are, in my opinion, high ($1.75/lb seems to be the cartel price this year).

Even at most of the general grocery stores I haven't seen fall apples this pricey in many years; the Galas, Macs, and Granny Smiths are being sold "on sale" at $1/lb. The 2-3 lb. totes are about the same. If we were off-season I could understand this, but obviously we're not.

Is this just an aberration? Has there been some apple crisis I'm not aware of this year? Or am I just an aging curmudgeon who hasn't kept up with the times + prices?

If anyone has a good source of places in the Baltimore area that are selling a good variety of apples for less than the above prices, I'd love to hear about it. I don't want bushels, or even pecks. Just some eaten-out-of-hand apples that I don't feel I'm being gouged for.


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  1. With all due respect, please no personal insult intended, but if you find apples for $1/lb
    around here you have found a bargain. I was at a farmer's market yesterday and the
    going rate was $1.69/lb, grocery stores in Howard County area are not really any cheaper.

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      Hit up Sun Fresh Produce in Pikesville. You know where the Pikesville Hardware Store used to be? 806 Reisterstown Road. That is where I bought some apples for freakin' Rosh Hashanah, I mean being a stupid Jew I'd have to say they were pretty cheap and I had to buy well a lot. I think they were like a $1 pound or pretty close THEN..

      1. re: Woof Woof Woof could go a little further up Reisterstown Rd to Owings Mills....Haymana Produce next to the Owings Mills can keep on going MUCH FURTHER out Reisterstown Rd to Westminster to Baughers....they have 2 places a restaurant/ store where you can buy their apples OR go a little further out ( about another mile) right to their orchard where you can pick your own.

      2. re: ivysmom

        This morning I got 2 pecks of apples at the Waverly Market from Lewis Orchard. The listed price was $.57 / pound approximately. First rate apples, not seconds (they had a peck of apple and pear seconds for $5 but someone got it before me).

      3. Shopper's has red & yellow del., rome, McIntosh & gala apples in 3 lb. totes for 83 cents/ lb. this week. Like others, I'm curious - what do you expect apple prices to be?

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        1. re: treetop tom

          Thanks, Tom. That's the sort of info I was looking for. I don't know exactly what I expect apple prices to be, but $1.75/lb at the peak of the season just seems high. When you consider the cost per item (depending on size), each apple, or serving, is close to 90c at that price. I find that pretty appalling. Many other single servings of fresh fruit are considerably less, including those from across the country or internationally. Heck, Safeway had really nice pineapples for $1.99 each last week. I know, supply & demand and all that, but I expect local apples to be less of a carbon footprint than pineapple.

          Like I said in my original post, I hope I don't come across as an old, cheap, curmudgeon. It just seems to me that apple prices have jumped considerably.