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Oct 2, 2009 10:26 AM

Twice-baked cupcakes might make me a convert....

I've never really bought into the whole cupcake thing. I think it's a bubble; like all, it will burst. And despite living nearby, I've only had Kickass Cupcakes' wares twice, generally believing them to be somewhat overpriced. For whatever reason, today I wandered back in and bought one of their twice baked cupcakes-- wow! This is a completely different food! The only thing I can compare it to is the corner piece of a really good pan of brownies- sort of crispy, sort of chewy, very chocolately. They bake them twice, then dip one edge in dark chocolate and garnish with either jimmies or M&Ms. Has anyone seen anything like this anywhere else?

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  1. I think KAC's are severally over-priced and I have to assume the twice baked as as well.

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      Yes, yes, but have you seen anything like this anywhere else? They've got the right idea there. I'm a crispy person-like my pancakes crispy on the edges, LOVE burnt cheese, etc.

      1. I Thought those twice cooked cupcakes at Kickass were "deep fried"; not twice baked.
        I've not had one, but a co-worker told me about them deep fried thing. It jives, as this co-worker loves deep fried Twinkies, fried cheesecake, etc.

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          I really don't think they're deep fried. They are $2.75, same as the regular cupcakes. According to the cupcake bubble article posted above, that makes us on the cheap side for the national cupcake trend. We should feel lucky. (I still think it's on the pricey side, but a better value than the regular cupcakes because a) I like them better and b) you're getting two bakes for the price of one!)

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            They make deep fried cupcakes as well, from Friday through Sunday. It's a vanilla cake that they fill with whipped cream, batter (chip shop style) and deep fry. It's served up in a paper cone that is lined with more whipped cream and chocolate syrup. My suggestion pay the extra dollar and get it with a scoop of Shaw's ice cream. I love deep fried anything, but honestly, would prefer one of their regular cupcakes.

            Kickass is good, I don't care what other people say. I've never been disappointed. And recently was actually floored by their creme brulee cupcake. I had a cupcake in DC recently that was $3.50 and I swear the frosting used shortening instead of butter and the cake was tasteless.

            I have also never seen the twice baked before either. I love the chewy cupcake/cookie part, but I wish they would have other toppings! I also like how they come in for now, and one for 5 minutes later!