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Oct 2, 2009 10:11 AM

Any Banh Mi or Ramen Places in Westchester

I am moving to Armonk shortly and wondering if there are any good places for Banh Mi or ramen noodles yet in the area. I live in NYC now and am completely hooked on both.

Not afraid to drive a distance for good food.


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  1. I know for sure you can get Ramen at Fujinoya in Hartsdale. It's on their regular menu. I know you can also get ramen at Nishi in Ardsley but I'm not sure if it's on their menu. They have it as a special sometimes!

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      Nishi has ramen as part of their rotating lunch special. I think it might be on Wednesday and Friday. The chef said it takes him 10 hours to make the broth. I've had it and it certainly does taste very good.

      Fujinoya makes an excellent ramen. It doesn't have the 10 hour taste but since it's available all the time I have no complaints.

      Tanto in Eastchester has ramen as well but I would not go out of my way for theirs.

      Banh Mi? Please let me know if anyone finds anything!!!

      1. re: MikiLovesSugar

        I just went in there because it is one of those days where my office building has absolutely no heat. I now know that it is the special on Wednesday and Fridays. (But I forgot to notice the price). They didn't seem to have a printed menu to take away. However, this place looks good to me because it is not too fancy and you can sit alone without feeling weird. I guess I will have to try it soon as I have been jonesin for that type of thing lately.

      2. Thanks for these recommendations pabboy, I will have to check them out.

        I've been driving down to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ, from Yonkers, and taking the train down to the city for ramen - usually Menkui-Tei on 56th, or Ippudo in the East Village. Still looking for a killer bowl of garlic ramen though !

        1. Banh Mi is vietnamese and still no vietnamese in Westchester. There may be some in the Bronx. check outer boroughs board.

          1. If you are going as far as Mitsuwa, you can stop off 3 miles before in Englewood, NJ for fabulous Banh Mi. Also great Pho. They also have a branch in Fort Lee, whichever would be better for you. (The Banh Mi isn't on the menu, but they have 4 kinds and it's about $7.