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Oct 2, 2009 09:47 AM

HENRY'S MARKET (moved from L.A. board)

Our community has just announced that a huge,vacant Sports Chalet building will become a Henry's Market. Our newspaper described it as a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I'd never heard of the brand and am very curious to hear what the feeling is among CH-ers. Is this a real upgrade for local foodies?

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  1. I was just at a Henry's in SD. Looks and feels like a Trader Joes but a little bit bigger. I don't normally shop at these stores but feels the same to me. Looks like they had some the same type of products. Some of the prices look decent. The scoop that I got is they just built a big facility somewhere in So Cal and is aggressively expanding.

    1. I like the Henry's in San Pedro. I wouldn't describe it as a cross between WF and TJ's, but more of a cross between a Whole Foods and Pavilions or Ralph's. Quality can vary on produce, but they have very good sale prices. The also have good prices on staple foods (organic and non-organic).

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        I'd agree Henry's is more like a cross between WF and Vons (or other major grocery store). Less expensive than WF, more organic and natural than a grocery. TJ is kind of its own animal. I shop at Henry's and TJ for most of my groceries... very occasionally at Vons for "mainstream" baking items and such and rarely at WF (mainly due to the crazy parking lots where they're located).

      2. It was Boney's then Henry's then merged with Wild Oats and now is back to Henry's.

        Larger and more selection than TJs'; smaller than and not as much as Vons or Ralphs

        Best part is the Wednesday ad overlaps (so last week's sales are still in effect while the new one starts) so lots of stuff is on sale that day. It is part of my regular shopping as well as TJs, Fresh and Easy,Vons and Ralphs...

        1. Agree that it is a cross between TJ's and whole foods. Their sales are great, the employees (at least the ones in burbank) are very nice - and they have good wine sales as well!

          While it's not the only market I would shop at, it is handy. I think it's a bonus.