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Oct 2, 2009 09:23 AM

Where to get a mooncake mold around LA/OC area?

I need a mooncake mold. I bought one from ebay 3 weeks ago, coming from Hongkong, and it never arrived...!!! Now, I need to find one locally... I'd rather not go to chinatown because traffic and mooncake festival prep will make that place unbearable to get to. Anywhere in SGV is perfect for me. Even I would drive down to OC. Just not chinatown. Can someone point me to the right direction? I tried 99 ranch, Hawaii Market, and a few other smaller chinese grocery stores in SGV, and I can't find anything... I don't want to buy it online. I need it today.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I would try one of the restaurant supply places in Little Saigon, in Westminster. I know there are a few on Bolsa Avenue. I'd be surprised if there weren't similar ones in the SGV.

    1. If you need it *today* I would suggest you go to one of the Chinese bakeries, e.g. I Fu Tang, Cathy's, JJ's, etc., and ask them for theirs.

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        Ipse, I did!! I went to Kee Wah and asked them, and they looked at me like I'm crazy.... =/

      2. I have seen them at a kitchen supply in San Gabriel, I think this is the one, but I am not 100% sure.
        Call first and ask.
        Happy Kitchen
        301 W Valley Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91776-3748(626) 284-2619‎

        I know you need it today, but you could also call Pearl River in NY and see if they can overnight you one, they have them in stock, according to their website, and do express ship.

        PS If you have a good mooncake recipe/technique, could you please post it in recipes!!!THANKS!! I would really like to learn to make them.

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        1. re: ciaolette

          ciaolette, Happy Kitchen is not a kitchen supply store. It's a restaurant. I'm not in a panic mode anymore. I've accept the fact that I'm not making pretty mooncake this year... =( I made my mooncake with musubi mold that I got from Marukai... If someone knows where to get one, I'd still love to get it. But I'm actually looking for the plastic crank one. Not the wooden one. The plastic ones are easier to use. Btw, ciaolette, I use a recipe from this website.

          It turned out pretty good. Warning, do NOT cook the lotus seed paste for 20 minutes. I burnt my first batch trying to follow direction. Depending on your stove, you may cook it for less time. I cooked mine in 10 minutes.

          I've attached my musubi mooncake...!!

          1. re: dee

            sorry for the bad advice : ( ..... bad memory for business names...
            LOL....Kee Wah ladies are nice, they were flirting with my Mandarin speaking nephew when we last went there.....but do they even bake at that location??
            Thanks for the recipe link...

            1. re: ciaolette

              I don't think Kee Wah bakes their mooncakes locally. Maybe the wife cake style, but not the normal ones.

            2. re: dee

              thank you, that's a really good website, I will try to follow the instruction and make my own

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