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Oct 2, 2009 09:09 AM

KC BBQ on New York Ave?

This morning, there was a huge 18-wheeler parked at New York and 6th. The side was plastered with a huge photo of grilled meat and it said something like "KC BBQ." The husband said that he saw it there last night, and that the entire thing opened up into a huge kitchen, with TVs set up and take-out. Does anyone know anything about this?

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  1. This is their 1st day.
    They ran out of (pork)ribs, but they had chicken, (pork) rib tips, and other stuff.
    Only beef they had was the burgers. Which I find interest as KC BBQ is known for its Beef and not it's pork.

    The rib tips were ~11 + fries + drink = 13 bucks of damage.

    They were good, but not +10 dollars good.

    - WIA

    It looks pretty corporate for a mom and pop operation.
    Now if only Mr. P's school bus was up and running....

    1. I checked it out today. They are from Sandy Spring, Ga. The rig is there through Wednesday, until about 10pm each day. They are testing the market, according to the person I spoke to.

      They do not have any ribs or chopped pork today. Just hamburgers, hot dogs, and rib tips, which were left over from the day before. The said they'd have them by tomorrow.

      No prices were on the rather elaborate video screen menus. They were not sure what they would charge for a rack of ribs or the chopped sandwich. The guy guessed at $20 for the ribs and $7 for the sandwich. I ordered the rib tips, and they charged me $11 for an ample portion with one side of either baked beans or fries. I chose the baked beans.

      They use hickory. The rib tips had great flavor, and it made me curious about coming back for the ribs. The baked beans are very sweet. I liked them, nice flavor came through the sweetness.

      They don't put raw sauce on the ribs. They provide squeeze bottles of spicy or mild, but no take-away containers for the sauce. Bad form. The mild is too sweet and the spicy is not too spicy, so I squeezed a small portion of spicy on the side.

      No credit cards. Judging from what I had, the ribs could be very worthwhile.

      Fancy website:

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        Is this the truck that's out there? If so, it's pretty impressive.

        1. re: MikeR

          Yes, it's one of those rigs.