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Oct 2, 2009 09:08 AM

Indian Food Virgin----Where to go and What to try in Dallas

Hi all! I'm new to the board, and while me and the hubs like to think ourselves pretty eclectic eaters, we realized we have never really given Indian food a go. So I'm depending on you guys to direct me to a pretty reasonably priced and awesome food experience for us first timers. We eat pretty much everything, and I love spicy while hubs likes more tamer fare. Can you guys tell me what we should order and where?

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  1. Most Indian food novices get their start by going to one of the lunch buffets where all of the suspense is taken out of the ordering and you can sample several dishes without the chance of epic fail.

    Here are two places:
    Pasand Indian Cuisine
    1377 West Campbell Road

    401 North Central Expressway Suite 300

    1. Roti Grill on McKinney Ave serves a more americanized version of all the classic indian dishes. It's easy on the pocketbook and you dont have to wonder where the meat came from.

      1. For a different experience, go to Taj Mahal imports, the Indian grocer on Belt Line in Richardson (west of 75). Head to the back to the metal counter on the corner of the take out area where there's a lady standing in front of a bowl of little puffed pieces of bread (puri). Ask for pani puri, either a large and split or two mediums. She'll fill up the puri with a little potato/rice filling (iirc) and then dip it in a sweet & maybe slightly spicy sauce, put it in a bowl and hand it to you. Pop it in your mouth & had it back to get another one, I think 6 to a medium and 8 or 10 for a large. You can also order other Indian street food, sandwiches, chaat, etc, although I haven't tried it. The sugar cane drink is also really popular.

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          I believe the liquid mixture usually is a chili and tamarind water mixture (better to try this stateside as the water is questionable in India).

          I would say go to Kebab N Kurry. It has been a longtime favorite in the Dallas area and the folks I have spoken to from London say it is the closest thing to English curry houses.

          Go with something simple like a Chiken Tikka Masala and fresh naan (bread), Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma, and I persoanlly like chickpeas so Channa Masala. That should be a good first meal.

        2. I like Chaat Cafe. I think they have a couple locations. I would recommend just looking at what the specials are and choosing one from there.

          If this is your first time experiencing Indian food, I would recommend going the buffet route.

 has a buffet and the owner is super excited about bringing Indian food to the mainstream. He catered our Diwali celebration at work and the food was pretty good!

          Good luck!

          1. I concur re: Kebab N Kurry. Damn good food and fairly representative of Indian food available in the US.