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Oct 2, 2009 08:53 AM

Der Schwarze Kölner / Fort Greene Biergarten

Has anyone else tried the new biergarten in Fort Greene? Went there last night and was surprised by how little I enjoyed it. The beer selection is decent and not overpriced (good so far,) they have a small menu of little bites (sausages, cheeses) that looked promising - supposedly with a full menu to come in the fall (getting better....)

but everything else was off. It's rare that ambience can put me off if the basics are right, but this place was just wacky. First off, the sound level was deafening, even though there were only about 20 people there. The waitresses could not have been more unfriendly (one asked me if I wanted a glass with my beer, and when I said yes scowled at me and brought one back, slamming on on the table about 2 feet out of my reach.)

They seem to employ and army of bussers, who do their best to swipe bottles of the table whether or not they are empty. I don't know... is it just growing pains or is this how they run things? Seemed very amateur to me. How hard can it be to let someone relax over a beer?Curious to hear others' experiences.

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