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Oct 2, 2009 08:30 AM

Fair Food (DAL)

Has anyone been to the Dallas Fair this year. am wondering if there is anything food wise not to miss. Need suggestions

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  1. Hubby and I went Wednesday. I give 1 thumb up to the jalapeno chips we got in the food court. Not bad, but a little on the salty side, although the ranch dressing helps neutralize the salt. 2 thumbs up to the quintessential Texas State Fair food, Fletcher's corny dogs. 1 thumb up to the "Chipotle Grande" grande nachos with chipotle sauce in the food court. And 2 thumbs way down to the croquetas de jamon at one of the stands near the "big steps" entrance to the Cotton Bowl. They were so overcooked that all you could taste was powdery, burned nothing ... yuck!!!

    Didn't try any of the crazy new offerings like the fried butter. I'm anxious to read y'all's reviews!

    p.s. I think all the domestic beer we saw in the food court was 6 tickets for domestic beer, whereas it's more expensive at lots of the other stands, and in the food court Shiner is on the domestic beer list :)

    1. The Fletcher's corny dog stand in the Big Tex area has the best corn dogs ever. Also, the smoked turkey legs are my absolute favorite. Nothing says the fair like watching the Sham Wow presentation while gnawing on a huge smoked leg. YUM