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Oct 2, 2009 08:19 AM

Prescott dining

Where to go for lunch and dinner during a Sunday-Monday visit to Prescott this month.

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  1. Prescott Brewing Company and the Bistro at the Hotel St. Michael are both on the square and have eclectic menus with good food. Just west of the square on Gurley, Genovese's has excellent Italian fare. For Mexican, I'd recommend heading south on Montezuma until it becomes White Spar and checking out Casa Alvarez.

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      Thanks for the tips, always great to have some Arizona insight. As a kid, the big attraction was Bucky O'Neill!

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        Or Maya's. It's not American style Mexican, but it's delicious. Just remember, if you want an alcoholic drink, you'll want to bring your own.

      2. My favorite Mexican restaurant in Prescott is Annalina's, right on Whiskey Row. Good Jalisco-style food with some unusual dishes.

        Esoji is the better of Prescott's of two Japanese restaurants. Good sushi and cooked entrees with lots of daily specials. One block west of Courthouse Square.

        Porky's is good for BBQ. One block west of Esoji.

        Also near Courthouse Square is El Gato Azul, which is nice for tapas with a southwestern touch.

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          Nice to have these choices, thanks. Is it still a classic moment to have a drink at the Palace Bar??

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            We were up there a few weeks ago and I think Annalina's is no more. I like Genovese's for dinner and my favorite for breakfast & lunch is always the Dinner Bell. If you like huevos rancheros, go for it. They also own Casa Alvarez. I haven't been to Zeke's in a while but it's also good for lunch.

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              Zeke's is good. Strangely, the liquor store in that same complex has some original and tasty food. Whodathunkit?

          2. The Palace is still fun in a perfectly acceptable touristy way. The Prescott Brewing Company has both good food and well-made microbrew. I like the food at the Gurley St. Grill. My wife likes a French pastry shop called Sweetarts. It is just off the Square on Cortez.

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              Sweet Tart closed. :-( Have you tried Monks yet? I'm curious to know how that'll be.