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Oct 2, 2009 07:54 AM

New Resto in Brick Princeton Ave. Moon River

Just heard of this place from a friend. She got a flier in the mail. The address is 281 Princeton Ave, so it must be near Craig's. Has anyone been, and if so how was it? Plan to give it a shot for her B'Day tomorrow.

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  1. Glad I am able to answer this question myself. We went there last night and left .First of all the place was soooo hard to find, There was no visable sign telling one where to turn. It turned out to be a dark dirt road. Way ahead we sighted a building after passing boats on the right of us. There was inadequate parking and darkness all around you, with very rocky and uneven ground. We found our friends at a table and they were already ready to leave.. It seems the "on line" menu was just a come on and joke.. The one presented to us was a mess. No apps, just a portion of the on line menu, not the ten species of fish and distinct sauces we had gone there for. The waiter told us they had been unable to get most of the fish that was advertised on line, Something about the town not letting them get a bigger refrigerator or something along that line. It was very dark in the resto too and the menu was so small and pricy that we got up and went up the road a block or two and ate at Craig's. If this place stays open I will be suprised, I will not go back...