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Oct 2, 2009 07:52 AM

BEST Breakfast in OC

We are in search of the Best breakfast....whether it is a dive, diner, upscale, medium, bakery, whatever......and tell us what to order...Went to Side Street Cafe in Costa was not good despite the posts....our breakfasts lacked seasoning, was ho hum, yet the place was packed. Went to Break of Dawn...loved it..and loved the unique breakfast choices..the tempura eggs were delish. We've been to Zov's and its great...but been there, done that. Original Pancake House....good, pricey.

So with that said, what's your favorite places in OC?

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  1. Try Plum's on 17th in Costa Mesa. Agree on Break of Dawn, truly a great place for breakfast/lunch!

    1. Agree w/Zov's & OPH. Would add to that Cream Pan for patisserie/bakery and (gasp!) our local Carrow's for the cheap 2-egg b'fast & pretty good OJ. We go to both Ten Ten (Anaheim on Euclid) and King Lobster Palace (Orange on Tustin) for dim sum.

      Here's a 2008 post w/recent summer updates that might interest you as well: -- Good Breakfast in OC?

      1. Beachcomber would have to be included. While not in OC, I'll throw Schooner or Later in Long Beach in as well.

        1. Any of the breakfast places on Main Street in Seal Beach are good, and it's a great place to take a stroll afterward. In December O'Malley's has the most beautiful Christmas decor, and the fireplace is usually going - cozy!