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Help needed - Looking for a great seafood restaurant near the casino's in CT.

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I'm trying to find a restaurant that has great seafood near the casinos. It doesn't have to be AT the casinos - just within 15-20 minutes. The group I'm with would prefer something more upscale - but as long as it isn't completely casual it should do.


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  1. Water St Cafe ~ Full oyster bar, tons of sefood entrees (not any of the fried variety and no lobster dinner) Plenty of non seafood entrees. Eclectic...but alot of dishes have a bit of an asian flair. It's right in Stonington Boro, about 15 min from the casinos, a picturesque little village...

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      Custy's...Lobster....AYCE.....a few miles from foxwoods....check the website for Custy's for details.