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Oct 2, 2009 07:11 AM

Northwest Phoenix

My family resides in Northwest Phoenix and is looking for new great restaurants in the area. Their typical night out would be at Firebird's in Peoria (to get a sense of their dining). But my father has tired of the same and wants some change. Is there any reliable, good restaurants in the Northwest area? Looking for steak houses/American, Italian, or Chinese. My family is unfortunately not too adventurous. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

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  1. Our family lives in the Peoria/Glendale area, and while it's mostly chains some of them aren't too bad. We've had good steaks at Fleming's, enjoyed Carver's for more steaks and prime rib (Fleming's was better), and we've been to several REALLY casual Italian restaurants (3 Tomatoes, I wish I could remember the name of the other but it's at Bell & 83rd, maybe Terra something), and a more upscale Italian in North which was a short drive up the loop 101. We've also enjoyed Firebird's, I like their varied menu, I remember having a salmon with a nice fruity salsa that I enjoyed.

    1. We moved to the Northwest Phoenix area off of Happy Valley and I-17 a little over a year and a half ago. Haven't been to Firebirds, but for your requests of steakhouse, Italian, and Chinese, we really like:

      Arrowhead Grill Steakhouse in Peoria. We love this place - chef-owned. I always get their signature steak - the Delmonico. Fabulous. Reasonable prices and Nice Happy Hour too.
      Arrowhead Grill

      Italian: Tutti Santi in N. Glendale

      Chinese (Chinese/American): Abacus Inn. BONUS: They deliver.

      Other favorites:

      Vietnamese: Pho Avina in Glendale

      Chinese (Hong Kong style): Hope Kee in Lee Lee's Oriental Market.

      Ecuadorian: Mi Cocina, Mi Pais

      Mexican: New to the area is El Conquistador on W. Bell - a favorite is carne de res con chile rojo, but hope the margs get better.

      Greek/Mediterranean: Greek Wraps (be sure to order something with the homemade pita wraps!

      BBQ: Dillon's, and Thee Pitts Again

      The Chowhound Places info also links to past discussions. We're actually heading to Tutti Santi tonight with visiting family. I can never decide whether to order some of their homemade pasta (favorites are the veal canneloni, cioppino, or any of their specials), or the fantastic pizza.

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        Hi Rubee

        My husband will be starting a job out in your part of the world...101 and 31st. We don't know that area well at all since we very rarely get up there from Chandler. He's not looking forward to the new commute but is looking forward to exploring a new area...any suggestions on places he should check out for lunch

        As for Tutti Santi, at least the one down here...I'm a HUGE fan of the Linguine Vongole and suggest that for dinner tonight! :)

        1. re: ziggylu

          Ooh nice - I know what I'm getting tonight. Haven't had that there yet. Thanks Ziggylu, you always have great suggestions!

          I'm pretty sure all the places I listed do serve lunch. I'll have to think of some more, though I don't usually get out for lunch (work at home) unless we're doing errands.

          I'm having a harder time finding good Happy Hour spots that aren't a chain though. Arrowhead Grill of course, and I liked the wine bar at Sportsman's, but they've unfortunately closed. Will have to try Tutti Santi's new HH (4-6). Does anybody have any other recs?

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          Wow thanks! Arrowhead Grill and Tutti Santi looks great! Thanks for the suggestions!