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Oct 2, 2009 07:06 AM

Pita Spot, Mystic?

Has anyone tried this new Lebanese place in Mystic yet? It got an excellent write-up in yesterday's New London Day.


If it's anywhere near as good as the late, lamented Diana's in Groton,which is probably our all-time favorite area restaurant, we'll be very happy.

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  1. Guess I'll answer my own question. WOW!!! My wife and i had lunch there today. We were welcomed by the family who own it (wearing Halloween costumes) as if we were old friends. The place has very relaxing Mediterranean decor. We had sampler dishes--a choice of 3 hot and 3 cold appetizers, which is a great way to get to know a new restaurant. Baba ganouj is a good test. So many places don't bother to strain out the eggplant seeds, and most just bake it. Their baba is obviously charred on an open flame. It has that great smoky flavor and is creamy smooth. The felafel was greaseless and full of flavor. All the other dishes we tried were equally delicious. The bill came to $20 plus tax & tip. I can't wait to try it again for dinner. It's byob.
    We've been waiting almost 15 years since Diana's moved away for another outstanding Lebanese restaurant. We think we have it. Anyone else been there? Would love to read other impressions.

    Pita Spot
    45 Williams Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

    1. OMG! Diana's! Horrible atmosphere (remember all the dead plants?), snarky service and the best Lebanese food in SE CT. Has it really been gone 15 years? Let's see... I used to take my 21-year old daughter there when she was a stroller baby...heck, yeh. Fifteeen years. Can't wait to try the new place.

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        I don't recall Diana's atmosphere being horrible, nor snarky service. We must have eaten
        there at least 30 times and almost always had good service. In any case, we were back at Pita Spot for dinner last night. We went with another couple. It turns out she is acquainted with the owner (although she didn't realize it until she heard the name, and he went to the same NY high school as the owner. We ended up talking to her and her brother during our meal--just the warmest friendliest folks. We were treated to a complimentary dessert which was outstanding. On the way home, my wife commented that their food is even better than Diana's, and I must agree. That's the ultimate compliment.

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          I just read an article in the Day about a New London food truck (Munchie's) that is very closely associated with the old Diana's
          I have not eaten there, but have heard wonderful things

      2. Joltingjoey, one of my good friends loves to take a daytrip to NYC for Lebanese food (his wife is of Lebanese descent). Knowing this, I sent him your review of Pita Spot. He took a day off from work and went with his wife last week on your recommendation. Here is his review and thank you! :)

        "I don't know if you can thank your friends on Chow but The Pita Spot was simply awesome! <My wife> and I haven't tasted that good authentic lebanese food since we last visited Atlantic Ave in NYCity.


        My review of it is there.... this was a wonderful day trip!!!! Thank you so much for suggesting it for us."

        NICE CALL, guy and thank you! I hope to get there in the near future, too.

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          I'm relieved your friends loved it. Imagine if they had taken the day off from work, driven several hours, and then thought the place sucked!

          I agree with their one negative on the Yelp review--the cold air coming in when the doors are open is a problem. We brought it up with the Vivian last week and she talked about having a vestibule built. Hope this happens soon.

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            I popped in there for the first time this afternoon to get a gift cert for my husband and all I could think of was, "where would I sit in here? It's going to be freezing at every table." We'll have to wait till spring or bundle up. This snowy start is quite a (happy) change for coastal CT.

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              JJ, thanks to you, looks like we will head here next week when we come visit. (Wow, kattyeyes' friends and their day-off drive- isn't that cool?! Hope it still makes you feel good!

              Do you have an opinion on the kitchen little/somewhere in time debate (which you prefer)? I just read Michael Stern's rave about it on his Roadfood website, but somehow, i'm not sure i trust him......
              I say that mostly because his photos of the omelets being made- did not show me 'fantastic' omelets, and the lobster roll for $20 was way smaller than 'the best in boston' for $25 at Neptune Oyster. thanks again.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I've lived in this area almost 40 years, and have never tried Kitchen Little--just not willing to wait for a table. An acquaintance recently told me she was totally unimpressed with it.

                Was back at Pita Spot last night for the umpteenth time. A friend treated us to return a favor. We shared 6 or 7 small dishes plus one dessert. Bill came to a bit over $50. Everything was superb, as always. Glad you're planning to give it a try. If you haven't already, check out the reviews on Trip Advisor. Look forward to hearing your opinion.

                Pita Spot
                45 Williams Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

                1. re: Joltingjoey

                  joey, had great lunches there on our recent trip. thanks so much for the tip; never would have known about them w/o you!


                  Pita Spot
                  45 Williams Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

          2. We love the Pita Spot. Atmosphere isn't the greatest, but the food is terrific. We've been there a few times, and it is always yummy.

            Pita Spot
            45 Williams Ave, Mystic, CT 06355