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Oct 2, 2009 06:11 AM

Breakfast in Morehead City NC

Heading to Hatteras for a whole week! Would like to start it off witha good breakfast on the way,So far the only place I know is The Cox Family Restaurant ,Is there anything on the Morehead Waterfront?

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  1. No place for breakfast on the MHC waterfront.

    While it is not a breakfast place, Coffee Affair on 2302 Arendell St has GREAT coffee and muffins for breakfast or anytime.

    1. On A Roll Gourment Deli (907 Arendell St) is a block or two from the waterfront. To me it's more diner than deli, at least at breakfast time, when the menu features eggs, pancakes, waffles, etc. On a recent visit, I had a respectable "Greek omelette", with toast and grits. Service was cheerful.

      1. We used to get a delicious brunch at the Spouter Inn a few years may be Beaufort (which is nearby), I can't remember

        1. Last time I went through Morehead City I noticed this place, which must be relatively new:
          I like fresh baked goods in the morning, so it's on my list to try next time. It was in the waterfront area, but not right on the water.