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Oct 2, 2009 05:20 AM

TGIF...and I don't want to cook

It's been a very long week (over 60 hours at work) and I just heard the weather forecast. I hope to leave work by 2 or 3 this afternoon...and I hear a bottle of Red Rooster Merlot calling my name. Now what to eat with it? I know I don't feel like cooking...and I don't order in that often so I need some good suggestions. I live inner (West Hillhurst) and can't eat seafood. Other than that - I'm open to suggestions. Help!

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  1. Check Waiters Enroute. I think they are still around. They pick up and deliver from some nice ethnic restaurants. What about ordering something for takeout from a favourite restaurant. A lot of them will do it.

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    1. re: sarah galvin

      I wish they delivered to Citadel. :( So unhappy...

      1. re: AriaDream

        That's too bad. I didn't realize they only like the inner city.

    2. Edelweiss isn't far from you and on Fridays they have potato cakes that stick to your ribs when the weather is cool. It's a great place for take-out. We like the rouladen and frikadelle.

      The other option is Muku for ramen which is another cold weather favorite but I don't know if you want to eat that early and I've never tried to hold it. The noodles might get mushy.

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      1. re: sharonanne

        Thanks Sharonanne, I hadn't even thought about Edelweiss. I was a little disappointed with the cabbage rolls I got there months ago...but I haven't tried the potato cakes or the rouladen. I need some cranberries in vodka anyway - so it might be worth the 5 minute trip from my house.

      2. or maybe try swinging by Main Dish on your way could pick up some lasagna or they have individual turkey meatloafs that are great and both would be good with the Merlot! (its in Bridgeland).

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        1. re: Wasabilover

          Another good idea. I haven't been by Main Dish in a couple of months. They did a great green bean and grape salad this summer. I was a little disappointed with the vegetable lasagne - but I haven't tried the regular lasagne or the meatloafs. Turkey meatloaf sounds great....and as an added bonus - there is a liquor store just a couple of doors down in case I want to stock up for the whole weekend. Thanks Wasabilover!

          1. re: katidyd

            I've never had the veggie lasagna at Main Dish, so thanks for the heads up - but did look at the mac and cheese the other day and wondered about that...

            1. re: Wasabilover

              I've had other disappointing vegetable lasagnes elsewhere as well. I like to see it with lots of a variety of vegetables...zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, onion, peppers, - and maybe even eggplant. When you get it with canned corn in it - that's a turn-off. Was the m&c dressed up any which way (tomato, bacon, etc) or did it look very traditional. I'm thinking Main Dish is definitely calling my name.

              1. re: katidyd

                I agree about the veggie lasag. Canned corn? please.
                The mac & cheese looked pretty traditional - but I'm sure you'll find something!

                1. re: Wasabilover

                  Am glad that Main Dish came up.

                  We were down in Calgary a few week-ends ago and since we were travelling with our dogs had hoped to get some non-Asian take out to eat in our room rather than go room service.

                  Booker's had not yet re-opened [we were thinking of ribs, smoked chicken, etc.] and a call to Palomino's disuaded me from going there given the estimated time frame the person said it would take to get an order in [it was Friday evening].

                  As a result, it was back to room service.

                  The next day my wife wanted to visit the bead store which is immediately east of the strip mall which houses Main Dish. I wandered in and was quite taken with what was offered. The cold dishes [they do not rewarm/cook that take-out that does not come from the specialy or sandwich/salad booths] would have been just perfect for us the night before.

                  We had lunch there which confirmed our view that we will be back the next time we are in Calgary. I know where I would be going if I lived in the area and like you katidyd did not feel like cooking